6 Marketing Tips to Increase Customer Traffic at Your Franchise

Franchises are becoming more popular today as entrepreneurs venture into them to avoid many risks when starting an entirely new business. Franchises come with some challenges, especially when it comes to generating leads and sales.


However, you can devise ways to market and grow your brand and be among the over 750,000 franchises in the U.S. Here are several tips you can apply in your franchise business to help you draw traffic no matter your business’s size and age.


Develop a Compelling Website


Technology has made things easier for franchisees and customers. Your clients can now quickly access your website from anywhere and at any time. However, it’s crucial to create a great website that offers quality and valuable content to your target audience. Customers will only stay longer and enjoy browsing on your website if they find value in it.


No matter your franchise’s size, it is crucial to create a website to help you draw traffic. When people visit your site, you can quickly access their contact information and create a database for present and future sales. When running campaigns, you can track your website’s data and analyze your marketing efforts to see if you’re making progress in your franchise.


Follow up with Customer Reviews and Feedback


Most customers leave feedback after purchasing your products. You should follow up and see what your customers say about your brand. This will help you devise new ways of serving your customers better.


In today’s highly competitive world with many franchises around, you want to do everything possible to ensure that you offer the best services that will keep your customers coming back for more. You cannot improve if you keep doing the same thing over and over again.


With customer feedback, you can analyze your strengths, weaknesses and threats and develop creative ways to increase customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer can give positive feedback on your website or social media pages, attracting more people to your brand.


Research about Your Competitors


With so many franchises in the market today, you want to ensure that you remain ahead of others by offering exceptional services that will keep drawing traffic to your business. While this is possible, you should know who your competitors are and what they do. Know the number of stores around you and how they’ve made it.


Probably, there is something your competitors know that keeps drawing customers to their business. Get closer to your competitors and learn their strengths and weaknesses, and devise ways to make your franchise better than them. You may not want to copy everything your competitors do, but you can borrow a wealth of information and implement it in your franchise. If you are doing business on Instagram online it is essential to put more effort into increasing engagement. You can follow your competitors’ tricks and techniques to increase your audience. However you can still look for a growth tool to grow your Instagram account. You may visit SocialBoost’s service official site and read about their offerings for Instagram growth.


Foster Customer Loyalty


Loyal customers will always be with you even during economic challenges. They often find satisfaction in your products and can be good ambassadors for your franchise. When you meet your customer’s needs, they will often share your brand with others. This markets and draws people to your business, leading to increased productivity and business growth.


Join Community Initiatives


You can never go wrong in showing others that you care about your community. When you get involved in community initiatives, it portrays the right image for your business. People within your community will know that you have a positive interest in them.


You can donate foodstuff or other essential items that add value to the community. Such initiatives draw people closer to you, and they will always want to know more about you. You can leverage this opportunity to introduce your franchise to your community and build stronger relationships with the people.


Offer Exclusive Services


People love free things. You can implement several strategies to give out gifts to your customers and target audience. This could be through product offers or promotions. When customers get free items or exclusive services, it makes them feel special to your business. They can spread the word around to their social network, talking positively about your franchise. This can help you draw more people to your business.


The Bottom Line


When you master and apply the tips above in your franchise business, you can have a seamless experience operating your business. Remember, every business needs patience and dedication. It is how much effort you put in that determines the success of your franchise.