6 Golf tricks that will blow your mind

Golf is a sport that has been played since the 15th century. Since then, everything about it has changed – the rules, the balls, etc. Even the way in which you can buy the equipment has changed – in the past, the only way to do it was by going physically to the store, now you can just order it from a golf shop online.

Golf tricks have also changed – nowadays they are becoming more and more elaborate. They are not restricted to only a club and a ball – various golf equipment is used, even as far as Powakaddy golf trolley. Here are some of the most impressive ones, and the best part is that you don’t even have to be a professional player to succeed in them.

  1. Toss and catch – Taylor Laybourne

This track proves that you don’t have to be a professional golfer to know how to do impressive things at golf. Taylor Laybourne is an amateur golfer, but you wouldn’t say so by looking at his play.

The trick that he mastered, called “toss and catch” is pretty hard, even though it seems easy. You start by holding the club in a way you usually would. Then, you move it so you are holding the club’s head, and toss it backward. Then, you have to catch the club by its shaft over your back and whack the ball down the range. This is how it should look like:

Image by: The Big Lead

It can serve as a nice replacement for the back-swing, and it will definitely impress others.

  1. Water-skimming – Rickie Fowler

If you ever played ducks and drakes, you will enjoy learning this trick. It doesn’t differ from a regular shot; however, the key to success is a solid strike, as it is the only way that the ball will land on the other side, and near the hole. This is also a very good exercise if you have problems with making solid strikes and contact with the ball.

  1. Backward Shot – Phil Mickelson

If you get stuck in the slope, this is the trick for you. Mastered by Phil Mickelson, it helped him during the At&t national pro-am as it might help you. To succeed in doing this trick, you need to get underneath the ball with the club, while standing parallel to the slope. After, all you have to do is to flip it back. This is how it should be performed:

Image by: Business Insider

  1. Golf shot – Ryan Rustand aka Coach Rusty

Again, you don’t need to be a professional to succeed in this trick. Hit one ball against a concrete slab – it will result in the ball springing up. On its way down, hit it with a second ball. This trick will help you in practicing your shots. It will also improve your accuracy, as you need good timing and level of skills to pull it off.

  1. Juggling Golf Trick – Kent Chase

Start by flopping the ball upwards and juggle it alongside two extra balls. Drop it onto your iron, and continue juggling. Finally, finish by hitting the ball. This trick, requiring a lot of skills, will not only leave your friends with their jaws hanging open but will also help you in practicing your hand-eye coordination.

  1. Two-Ball Shot – Phil Mickelson

If you want to practice, but you’re not very fond of retrieving balls, this trick is for you. For it to be successful, you need to stand in the sand trap. Line up two balls together, and hit the first ball as hard as you can. The second ball will remain in the sand, and the second one will shoot high in the air, hit the ground, and come back.


It seems like nowadays, golf tricks are getting more and more elaborate. Truth be told, they are difficult to master, but the satisfaction you get when you get it right after 150 or more tries, is indescribable. So what are you waiting for? Get up, and go play some golf!