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6 Games You Can Play Awaiting Diablo 4 Release


I consider myself one of those gamers who can’t get enough of the gameplay loop provided by the games ARPGespecially after we tested the game Diablo 4 Since the period. While waiting for the release of this highly anticipated game, all a gamer can do is fill his time with games like it. Fortunately, many other developers have the same passion for these games, and have turned their passion towards developing games that you can play right now.

So if you’re like me and you want something to give you a nudge until it’s released Diablo 4Here are 6 games that you can play right now to satisfy your desire to play Diablo 4 while waiting.

Path of Exile

If you were lovers Diablo 2 ResurrectedWell, you should try Path of Exile Absolutely. Obviously a studio Grinding Gear Games It aims to attract game lovers Diablo 2 with Path of Exile But with more complex skills, customization and systems. This free game takes the games of the APRG to a new level with skill trees, lots of unique gear, constantly evolving skills to use through skill gems, tons of content, and a post-game designed to keep you playing again and again. But don’t be intimidated by the fact that the game is free, as the money system in Path of Exile Just cosmetic in all respects. You will not find paid items that increase the power of the game. But I’m not going to lie to you that if you really dig into the post-endgame you’ll be tempted to open your wallet and expand your inventory in the game.

From post-apocalyptic areas to heist missions, to an endless dungeon that gets progressively more difficult the deeper you go, this game will keep you occupied for a long time before you finish everything it has to offer.

If you were a player ARPG Astute, the worlds of the Leagues It will encourage you to play it again. considered the Leagues in POE An essential component of the lifetime of the players’ participation, as it is like games Diablo Your characters start from scratch. And through the Leagues Players can participate in the latest content added to the game.

Last era

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While still a game Last era It’s in early access beta, but it finds its place right in between Path of Exile And Diablo 2. But while proud Path of Exile With the intricacies of its systems, aims Last era To make players fully aware of its less complex designs so that they keep coming back to the game and killing monsters. Distinguish Last era It sets itself apart from other games with its weapon crafting and focus on post-endgame dungeons.

Crafting can be a bit annoying at first as you’ll be inevitably disappointed when a piece of gear fails to turn into something useful due to a roll of the dice. But rest assured that as you play and collect new loot and items, this crafting system becomes the perfect way to grow your powers in the game.

New players can also use the various online guides as there is a dedicated player base who can guide you to the end of the game. And speaking of the endgame, it contains Last era on the so-called Monoliths And Echos. This is very similar to the mechanism in Path of Exile Where you will see a grid of maps that you download to kill monsters, complete simple objectives and get loot. The echo system in this game allows you to target pieces of farm equipment and materials that you will need by giving you a look at the rewards you get when you finish. This is especially great if you are feeling weak in certain areas of your character or are running low on resources.

Grim Dawn

Contains Grim Dawn On firearms, which is a nice change of pace, right? While the majority of APRG The other focuses on sticks, swords, and other fantasy elements Grim Dawn It allows you to shoot the undead. But that’s not the only reason she’s on the list. At a time when it was targeted Diablo 3 Providing more colorful or even “cartoon” graphics, the Grim Dawn The darkness of a destroyed world emerges in another game where humanity is in danger and you must use your powers to defeat evil. And yes, the game also includes wands, swords, gems, and everything else you can expect from a game. ARPG.

The deep character customization it offers helps Crate Entertainment It offers a satisfying journey to reach the maximum level of 100. The rewards you get in gear as you play will take your character’s powers to new heights. In terms of the post-game phase, players can look forward to modes such as Crucible or Shattered Realm Which are endless catacombs that get progressively more difficult as you progress. And one of the most satisfying things about Grim Dawn It is the huge amount of structures that players can create. Expect to spend a lot of time switching up your playstyles and even creating new characters to try out new ways to use all the tools at your disposal.


Have you ever wanted to play Diablo in the space? Well, that’s what you get with it superfuse… somewhat.

Still a game superfuse It is in very early access and is currently only available online Steam. Like most of the games ARPG Of this kind, its addictive gameplay loop is due to Diablo 2. This is by no means a negative, as the game’s developers are clearly proud of this inspiration. And you can superfuse It distinguishes itself in two ways: its theme, and its innovative skill system.

excel superfuse With comic-like graphics, set in the distant future within our solar system. Players are sent across different planets to fight hordes of disgusting mutated monsters in order to bring down the “Machine” in a devastated world where billionaire corporate rulers control the survivors of the now dead planet. In addition, the skill system can become in superfuse Highly addictive, as there are tons of cool and unique ways to customize your skills and slots to grow your strength and radically change the way your skills behave. You can turn an ordinary fireball into a giant block of flame that will fly through the air at a slower pace but for a massive damage increase. Or even have that fireball track enemies, split and pierce on touch, then track and split again.

There is one thing to keep in mind: at the time of writing this article and recommending the game, the Early Access version of superfuse Low content. And while they are still updating the game, the post-apocalypse is still in its infancy and can leave you wanting more the more you dig into it.

Lost Ark

After several years of being available in test versions, it was launched Amazon Finally a game Lost Ark in western markets. Upon release, the game experienced a huge surge in popularity, and continues to be Lost Ark She has a good fan base to this day. Although there are not many similarities with any of the games Diabloconsidering that it is a game MMO First, the Lost Ark Owns the elements that make games like Diablo Lots of fun, with tons of monsters on screen, and countless skills to take them all out.

Players start the game with most of the skills available to use, as opposed to a different type of power growth system in which you level up certain skills. And when you reach the post-game endgame, you can look forward to things like epic large-scale dungeons, monster raids, daily and weekly missions that send you across the game’s vast world, and a gear upgrade system to push the limits of your power even further.

Although the game is free, it offers players the option to purchase in-game currency and craft items that can greatly improve gameplay to increase gear points. But while there are some minor “pay-to-win” avenues in Lost ArkYou can easily achieve everything without spending anything.

Diablo 3

When you see this recommendation in the list, you may feel that it is an obvious choice, of course, but hear our opinion: it is true that Diablo 3 It’s the latest major game in the series, but when was the last time you played it? that Diablo 3 It is currently in its 28th season. It has released what is arguably the biggest update to the game. where it was added Altar of Riteswhich is the new theme and major new mechanic that Season 28 brought to the game Diablo 3.

Represent The Altar New automatic skill tree. Players must perform certain activities in the game to obtain certain materials, then sacrifice them to gain cool new attributes when taking a potion or have pets pick up all the loot on the ground and automatically dismantle equipment. And when you complete the whole tree you will get Primal Ancient Double wings are great. He presents Altar of Rites A very interesting season that changes the way you play Diablo 3. If there was ever a good time to get back in the game, it’s now. Especially since, according to Blizzard You will not get Diablo 3 Get new contents after launch Diablo 4It will just rehash or merge previous seasons afterward.

This was our suggestion for games that will help you be patient until it is released Diablo 4. Do you have other suggestions? Share your opinions in the comments section below!

Translated by Dima Muhanna

The author of what'snew2day.com is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on the latest news and information.

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