6 Cooling Tips to Hack the Summer Heat

The heat of the summer can be a hassle for anyone trying to keep cool. Dehydration, overheating, and heat stroke are all possibilities during an intensely hot summer, and the changing times have made summer heat so much more unbearable than before.

Keep cool this summer with our 6 cooling hacks to beat the summer heat:

  • Clean your air conditioner beforehand.

A very important step in air conditioner upkeep is to keep the unit clean! According to aircon experts, a filthy air conditioner can often malfunction, costing you in expensive repairs and barring you from getting that comfortable cool from your air conditioning unit, especially during the hot summer months when the air conditioner hasn’t been used over winter. 

Even when not in use, make sure you clean the filter of your air conditioner, as well as the exterior of your AC unit. Have the unit cleaned inside and out with professional cleaning services, and keep dust and debris away from your AC unit with a cover when not in use.

Keeping your AC unit clean can help you keep cool during the summer months, as your air conditioner would be less likely to break down, overheat, or malfunction when properly maintained. The best hack would be to clean the air conditioner before summer starts, so you can save up on maintenance costs, and run your air conditioner all summer long!

  • Keep your room in the shade.

Sunlight bouncing around your house can make your room feel warmer than usual. To combat this, draw the shades or cover your windows to keep the sunlight out of your room. You can opt to put up a blocker as well to keep the sunlight out during the harsh noontime, or have shaded, tinted windows installed to minimize the heat of the sunlight in your room. 

If you dislike the idea of living in the darkness of a shaded room, opt for half-blinds instead that would dim the sunlight without completely removing light from your room. You may also choose to keep a small pocket open when drawing your curtains so you still have some filtered sunlight getting in your home!

  • Place your sheets in the freezer for a blissful sleep.

One of our favourite summertime hacks: place your blankets, sheets, and pillows in the freezer or fridge 15-30 minutes before you sleep, and you can cuddle up in a blissful slumber under cool bed sheets! 

Make sure your sheets are dry before you place them in the freezer. You wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with pools of water surrounding your bed! Don’t keep your sheets in the freezer longer than 45 minutes, as the cold can freeze your sheets and make it difficult for you to use. 

This hack can help your pets cool down as well. Stick your pet’s favourite pillow or blanket in a plastic bag, then place it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes to give your pet a homemade cooling pad that is cheap and easy to make. 

  • Make a power-packed cooling smoothie.

A power-packed smoothie can be both cooling, and incredibly healthy as it is packed with vitamins and minerals from fresh produce! Mix together your favourite greens and fruits for a delicious and refreshing smoothie that will surely beat that summer heat! 

Freeze your chosen ingredients ahead of time, and blend anytime for a pleasant refreshment on the go, or 

  • Avoid going out at noon.

Going out between 11am up to 2pm is when the sun is at its peak. To avoid sunburn and skin issues from the sun’s rays, avoid going out at noontime, and instead choose to go outside during the early mornings, or early evenings to enjoy the energetic summer vibe without the skin damage that the sun does to your health.

Heading to the beach? Check the weather forecasts beforehand, and choose a day where there would be ample winds and cooler temperatures where you can fully enjoy your day. Same principle goes for amusement park trips and outdoor barbecues!

  • Less electronics, less heat.

While it may sound like outdated advice, using your electronic devices less will reduce the heat emitted from these devices around the room. You may have noticed that your laptop, phone, or other electronics heat up when in use, which can actually break the internal mechanisms of your devices, and distribute heat into your room.

Instead, give your electronics time to cool down when they start to feel warm. The heat of the summer can contribute to the heating of your electronics, and the built-in cooling system may not cool down your devices enough. Avoid using your electronics in direct sunlight, and put them to sleep mode to avoid overheating.