6 Activities to Help Replace the Phone in your Child’s Hand

The phone is an addictive device in hands of both adults and children. However, it has severe effects on the minds of toddlers. It is a very easy solution to hand the mobile phone to a toddler who is being cranky but if you want to develop your child’s mind you should not do this. Toddlers are sensory learners who love discovering things as their senses develop and they start to understand the world around them. However, this is also the age when children are impacted by their surroundings and the activities they do. Hence as parents, you should involve your toddler in activities that would help develop their mind rather than be stick to the screens.

There are a lot of websites like ‘Super Baby Online’ that help you plan activities according to your child’s understanding and age.  These activities will help you divert your child’s attention from the phone they seem to want at this early age. Here are a few activities we picked out for toddlers. 

1. Climbing the Cushion

Once the baby has taken his first step, you better forget the times he used to sit still for hours on the chair without fussing. He will now want to run and then climb, this activity is designed to help them complete their urge to climb. It is pretty simple and just requires you to a few big pillows and holding your baby as they try to climb the pillow wall. This activity can help them develop their motor skills.

2. Ring the Bell

The baby is also developing their hearing skills and every type of sound pulls them. To execute this activity you need some bells of various sizes and ring them around them. The sound will fascinate the child and improve their visual tracking skills.

3. Lie on Stomach 

We have often heard by elders that lay your kids on their stomachs. This activity pushes them to lift their heads using their necks. It also helps them develop their gross motor skills and not doing this hinders their development.  

4. Crawl Faster Baby

Like elder kids have obstacle races you can build obstacles in your baby’s crawling race. You can create them easily by stacking up pillows and placing a few boxes. You can also create tunnels using 2-3 boxes and your kids are bound to enjoy that once they learn. As the baby crawls faster it helps develop their motor coordination skills. 

5. Pop Bubbles in the Bath

Does your kid hating being bathed and you have to soothe him every time with nursery rhymes? Now you can make bath time something they enjoy by adding in a few bubbles with the help of liquid soap. Teach them how these bubbles pop and praise them when they do. This develops your child’s tracking skills and they will enjoy the bathing time.  

6. Dancing 

Do you enjoy music and dancing? Now, this is one activity even elders enjoy. So put on some music and dance around the house with your child in your arms. This close contact with your child helps them realize you will hold them always and creates a bond of trust. Also when your child tries to dance they move their whole body which encourages them to do greater movements.

Parenthood is not an easy job and requires a lot of patience. However, technology is not something that can be given to a child at a developmental age. Websites like superbaby help you figure out activities for children of all age groups and also explain their outcomes and benefits. So hop on and give it a go.