50 ways to save money …

Lifeguards: 50 ways to leave your debts behind.

British credit card holders owe an average of £ 2,000 on their plastic.

Erase a debt of £ 2,000 on a card with an interest rate of 17% will take two years assuming a monthly refund of £ 100.

Cleaning up that £ 2,000 with a monthly payment of a £ 30 more accessible (at 17%) will take 17 YEARS.

But people are turning to other forms of indebtedness, including payday lenders, friends, relatives, store cards and other auto loans, including the costs of daily living.

Lifeguards: 50 ways to leave your debts behind.

Lifeguards: 50 ways to leave your debts behind.

According to a survey, the average debt of households stands at around £ 13,000.

To settle a debt of £ 13,000 at a modest 6% interest with a monthly repayment of £ 100 will also take around 17 years to settle. We have run out of money.

By Richard Browning

By Richard Browning

By Richard Browning

However, there are many simple ways to save significantly on your regular expenses that could cancel your debt in less than a year. Are here…

These are the 50 best of Money – updated – tips to save money

These tips may seem cheerful, but they are very serious.

1. Change your attitude towards your mortgage

Unless you make the mistake of buying a train ticket in Britain on the day of the trip, the most expensive item you will probably buy is your home. If you are not in the privileged position to pay in cash, make sure that the loan you use to finance it is the best loan available. For example, if you are paying the full standard variable rate (SVR) of your lender, you probably pay hundreds of pounds a year more than you need. There are thousands of offers to choose from and while it is vital to check the fine print of the hidden catches, this is a relatively easy way to save a lot of money. Remember: loyalty to your bank benefits your bank, not you.

Even better, if you can afford to make excess payments on your mortgage, you will cancel your debt several years earlier and you will get massive savings. For example, if you borrow £ 100,000 at 6% for 25 years, you will return it at £ 643 per month. The total cost of the credit will be £ 93,000. But if you can pay in excess of £ 100 per month, you will pay off the loan in less than 19 years, which will give you 6 years of mortgage-free life and save an amazing £ 25,000 interest.
Saving: £ 1,000s
Golf course:
This is the money mortgage search engine | Mortgage calculators

2. Clear your credit card debt

One of the golden rules of financial planning is to clear your most expensive debts first, in other words, your credit cards. Granted, credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for goods and services, but if you can not settle the balance every month, consider a low-cost loan as an alternative. Make the sums: a credit card debt (APR 16.8%) of £ 2,500 over five years will cost £ 1,212 in interest. A loan at 7.8% will cost £ 527. A savings of £ 685.
Saving: £ 100s
Link: This is the Money credit card search engine

3. Reduce the cost of your fuel bills

Because the official inflation calculations do not include the price of the things that go up, the energy companies can increase the bills by 10.4% whenever they want. They try to do it every time you blink. The average gas and electricity bills are now around £ 1,500 a year. In exchange for a fifth of a state pension, the chief executive gives completely incomprehensible accounts of how others are at fault. But that does not mean you need to be scammed. If you never left your original provider, you can save more than £ 300 per year. If you have changed before, you can, as a result of this defective privatization, change back to any number of companies that charge you the same. If you think gas and electricity prices will not fall in the near future, you can fix your bills for up to four years. It is very easy to change. You can do it with a few clicks of the mouse. Your new provider will handle the paperwork.

Saving: £ 100
Link: Must read – Is it worth changing?

4. Consider installing a water meter

We take our tap water for granted. And why not? The companies behind the supply exist to make a profit, we pay them for the water supply and we have every right to expect it to flow from our faucets. But if it does not rain, the water companies have to import Evian bottles and raise the prices. It costs 2p to throw the bathroom – but that rises to around two pounds if you have to use Perrier. Therefore, you may want to consider installing a meter. If you have a large house with few occupants, you may be surprised to learn that you could cut your annual bill by half.
Saving: £ 100s
Link: Do I have to install a water meter?

5. Cut your residential phone bills

BT used to be called British Telecommunications, but shortened it after a survey found that only 4% of those who left school could spell telecommunications, while 6% could spell BT, even if they thought it was a sandwich without the lettuce. It also shortened to reflect their habit of charging more and more for less and less. He had the infrastructure that could do what he wanted. If you must use your phone, there are many cheaper alternatives that combine your phone, television and broadband access, some that offer low cost alternatives using your existing BT line.

Have a look. You may be surprised.
Saving: £ 100
Link: Cut your phone bills with This is Money

6. Consider a pay-per-use mobile

If you have ever argued that a mobile phone is a necessity rather than a luxury, great news, you win! This year it was reported that statistically everyone in Senegal and Algeria now have a mobile phone. Something that all have lost their status of luxury. What can be completely exaggerated, is the type of phone that can not pay and the packages of minutes, text messages and internet access measured in megabytes that nobody understands and that, in general, are sold by liars. The point is that if you give £ 50 a month to your mobile phone company, that's £ 600 a year, or about £ 1,000 of your gross salary. But you can buy phones for less than ten and top up with pay per use coupons for not much more. The Algerians are not using iPhones, you know?
Saving: £ 100s
Golf course: How to get a cheaper smartphone |
Compare more than 300,000 mobile phone offers


When this article was created eight years ago, the world of money was a very different place. Years of cheap credit had sucked the common sense of millions of people who filled the void with a drunken expense. In 2005, this was represented by an average credit card debt of £ 2,000 each. It seemed like a lot of money then. It was to get much worse.

Banks, we now know, were completely out of control, throwing money at anyone, while secretly stealing PPI payments and destroying Western economies. We even had celebrity credit card TV.

At the end of the drunkenness in 2008, we had reached an almost total financial and social collapse.

On the positive side in 2005, the price of gasoline would not break the barrier of £ 1 per liter for another two years, people could still afford to heat their homes and the cost of college education would be at least £ 27,000 less than now. .

Fast forward to Britain in 2013 and it's a wonderful place, if you're rich.

The average debt of the credit card has remained at around £ 2,000, but remember, trying to pay that at £ 30 a month will take around 17 years.

7. Make a shopping list

If you are not organized or do not have a pen, this is really difficult. But follow it and you can eat well and save enough to spend a vacation without thinking. Part of the problem is the power of supermarkets. These giant food museums have spent millions on tricks to make you put things you do not want in giant carts, store them in the fridge for a week and then throw them away. Each throws almost £ 500 worth of food each year. That's stupid, but that's the commercial model of supermarkets. Make a shopping list. Dig the cookbooks, plan some meals and just buy what you need.
Saving: £ 20 per week = £ 1,040 per year
Link: Mysupermarket for price comparisons

8. When was the last time you went to the market?

One way to beat supermarkets, that is, to eat healthily for less, is to use the stalls of your local market. The lower overhead usually means lower prices. When supermarkets have strawberries "at half price" that are not half price, the local market will often have the same fruit for a quarter of the price of those that claim half price.
Saving: £ 100 +

9. Consider own brand assets

Not all private label supermarket products these days come with a health warning and a stomach pump. They do not need to do it. Some are pretty good. Obviously, the modern trick of the supermarket to reduce the size of the package and the weight of the contents means that you can buy a package of 24 packages of chips that between them only contain the chips of a potato but you can still buy a can of beans Sainsbury's proprietary baked goods for 25 pence and a bread loaf containing grams of protein in Asda, Sainsbury & so Aldi for 50 pence. Enough talk.
Saving: £ 100
Link: Comparison of brand-name baked beans | Asda | Sainsbury & # 39; s

10. Do not buy designer labels

Celebrities receive expensive clothes to wear. You are not. Fortunately, millions of people have woken up and bought imitations of the likes of Asos, which is now huge; Bigger, in fact, than many of the logos slapped on the clothes in the High Street TK Maxx costume store. If you're still tempted, face the fact that you can only wear the outfit once. Can you justify paying hundreds of pounds for a name? And can you honestly say that you can tell the difference at a distance between a designer bag of £ 600 and a market one of £ 9.99? Think about it.
Saving: £ 100s
Links: Prada – note, without prices | ASOS.com offers discount brands

11. Sell your clutter on eBay

Take this quick test: you're at home. Open a closet. Look inside. If you are full of clothes that you have not worn, or "good ideas at that time" that you have not used, for example, three years, you do not need them. So, why do not they sell them to someone else? For fans of the euphemism: Ebay is quite popular and popular now. The good thing is that you can really flog any old garbage, for a commission. Tip: You may want to buy some items first to develop your respectable eBay rating before you start selling.
Income: It will depend on what's in your closet
Links: Sale of Christmas gifts on eBay | Alternatives to eBay

Best current accounts

12. Use your talent to earn extra money

If you are not a pop star by the time you reach 20, you probably never will be. It's probably that good, since the only way to get to pop stardom in 2013 is if Simon Cowell wants to marry you. But you may be able to use your talent as a guitarist to teach other aspirants the rudiments of 12-bar blues.
Income: It is not unreasonable to charge £ 20 + per hour
Link: How to make a fortune on You Tube

13. Do DIY

We are a nation of obsessive amateurs and for around £ 100 you can take a course at the local adult education college to improve the skills needed to deal with most home repairs. If the university conducts plumbing courses, it could soon be on track to eliminate the costly call charges and additional insurance policies once and for all. Remember to film yourself at work so that, if it goes wrong, you can sell the footage to Harry Hill (see link).
Saving: £ 100 +
Link: How to build your own house | You have been framed

14. Compare the cheapest home insurance

Unless you drive – car insurance is mandatory – you do not need insurance. But it is highly recommended, especially now that many people surf the Internet while driving. And can you afford to pay the bill if your house catches fire or if it is crushed by a 4×4 driver playing Angry Birds, who flees the scene like a sparrow in a catapult? Probably not. There is a lot of garbage on the Internet and many highlights from previous years have faded into uselessness, but one of the lasting oases of online utility is being able to find cheaper insurance. You can compare hundreds of policies in minutes.
Saving: £ 100s
Golf course: This is Money's search engine for insurance offers | How to beat the car insurance trap

15. Do not automatically renew annual travel insurance

If your annual vacation insurance policy is about to expire and you do not have a reserved holiday, DO NOT renew the policy. You are giving your money to cover an event that will not happen. People do this! Do not! You would not have car insurance if you do not have a car. Some people probably do it, dagnabbit. But you definitely would not insure your favorite giraffe if you did not have a giraffe. So do not secure a vacation to the Serengeti that you have not booked. Simply restart the lid again the next time you book a trip.
Saving: £ 50
Link: This is Money's travel insurance search engine

16. Choose cheaper breakdown insurance

The breakdown sector is dominated by large companies with short names such as AA and RAC. But being towed home if your car breaks down is just another form of insurance like any other and there are dozens of cheaper alternatives, some with names formed by real words.
Saving: Up to £ 100 a year
Link: This is Money's fault insurance search engine

17. Do you pay too much for your life insurance?

Since we began to wash our hands, humans have become healthier. As a result, we are living longer, and the cost of insuring the unthinkable is increasingly cheaper. If you were sold a policy when you took out or mortgage, you may have been under too much stress to shop around. I could be missing a trick.
Saving: £ 100
Link: This is Money's life insurance search engine

18. Reserve early

Low-cost airlines are growing. Easyjet allows you to choose a seat. Norwegian is planning transatlantic flights for £ 300. Michael O & # 39; Leary, the Ryanair boss, has even promised to be friendly. Just remember, only a few seats on each flight are sold at bargain prices and once they are sold, prices go up. So book early.
Saving: £ 100
Link: Skyscanner – the air fare comparison site

19 Book your own package

As the High Street travel agents die faster than the ingredients of the rhinoceros horn's love tonic, we still seem to love the holidays of an old package. And why not? Only book online or by phone. Easy life. By combining car rentals with flights, agents can often reduce costs. You are also protected, housed and taken home if you are punished because Iceland resorts to another public relations trick based on volcanic ash (now everyone has heard of Eyjafjallajökull). But if you want to save money and your vacations consist of flights, accommodation, transfers and possibly car rentals, then take this test. Request a brochure or get a quote from a leading holiday company and calculate the price of your vacation, including all complicated supplements. Now enter online and, starting with the flights, try to assemble the same package.
Saving: £ 100 +
Golf course: Vacation offers chosen by TravelMail

twenty. Learn to say no & # 39;

It is easy to give in to the demands of a child who screams in a crowded Poundland on a Saturday afternoon. & # 39; Bring me that bottle opener! I want a bottle opener. I know it's wrong and it will not last more than seventeen and three-quarters of a minute. But I have six! I want one. It's only one pound! "Similarly, how often does a 'half-turn' after work turn into a £ 151.12 drink session? Saying 'no' several times a year will do wonders for you. Bank account.
Saving: £ 100
Link: Do not

twenty-one. Go prepaid for cheaper diseases

One of the best things about being sick, and let's face it, there are not many, is that the NHS recipes cost only £ 7.85 per item. This is an incredible value unless you need, for example, four recipes per month. Four x £ 7.85 suddenly equals £ 31.40 or £ 376.80 a year. But one of the best things to be that The downside is that you can limit the amount you pay with the Advance Payment Certificate (PPC). You pay a flat rate every three or 12 months and cover all of your prescriptions during the period you paid. An all-inclusive three-month PPC costs £ 29.10 and for a year it is £ 104, saving £ 270 on the four-element example. You can pay by direct debit. It's time to learn your tables 7.85 times.
Savings: £ 100.
Golf course: Learn more and apply for a PPC | Help with health costs

2. 3. Avoid expensive days / nights

Many museums are free. For those who are not, join Artfund, which offers access to 200 museums, historic houses, galleries and castles for a small annual fee. The theaters are not free. But if you live in London, you can get tickets at half price in the West End theaters every day on tkts. Better yet, if you regularly visit London, join one of the theater clubs that fill empty theaters and concert halls in the QT from about £ 3 per ticket.
Saving: £ 100s
Golf course: The Audience Club | Play for Play | Tkts

24 Beat the ticket resellers

Ticket sellers make a living by getting tickets that "otherwise would not be available." You have no chance when the promoters are handing you tickets directly. But here's some news: most tickets are available to everyone when they go on sale for the first time. You only need to know when they go on sale. Simply sign up to get the free ticket alert newsletters from the main ticket agents to make sure you're the first in line. And be sure to sign up on the websites of your favorite bands to get inside information.Saving: £ 100s
Golf course: Ticketline | Ticketmaster | Stargreen | Gigantic | Seetickets | Toy dolls

25 redo not be a bucket, or try to keep up with the Joneses

Trying to keep up appearances is a costly disease. It's called snobbery. A snob, says the dictionary, is someone who "vulgarly admires or imitates someone of social status or superior wealth and belittles those he considers inferior." Famous snobs include the monstrous comic creation, Hyacinth Bucket. Do not be a cube Remember, you can not judge someone for what they have because they do not know how they got it. It is likely that they have more debts than you.
Saving: £ 1,000s
Link: This is Money's guide to getting out of debt

26 Redeem your car

So, you bought an American sports utility vehicle (SUV) that runs 15 miles per gallon on a whim. Obviously we are all very impressed, especially by the personalized registration number and the way you can Tweet it while negotiating narrow streets outside of schools. But can you honestly justify the continued expense? If not, get rid of that. Then visit a car supermarket, where you can choose from thousands of cars at reduced prices. If you are a true money saver, consider a rental model that you can pick up for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Saving: £ 1,000s
Golf course: Find a used car at Motors.co.uk | Cargiant – large car supermarket | The best cars of the last 25 years | 10 of the cheapest cars to insure |
Sale of cars Hertz

27 Ask yourself: do I really need it?

Imagine the scenario. It's lunch time and you have an hour to kill. You are in a department store and there is a sale in. You pick up a beautifully packaged selection of barbecue tools, an old-looking cast iron fireplace and the associated garden paraphernalia. And it's half the price. Stop now! Ask yourself: Do I really need this? Exactly. You live in a flat. It does not even have a back door. Go down and walk away.
Saving: £ 100
Link: See all our tips to save money

28 Walking / cycling to the station / work

Maybe it's a little hippie for a lot of people, but it's free. Der.
Saving: £ 100
Link: Cycle campaign network | How the taxi driver helps you to go to work by bicycle

Keeping accounts

29 Get off the station before your usual stop and walk

We can be creatures of habit, but is not it worthwhile to play with the routine if it costs more than £ 50 per month in unnecessary fees?
Saving: £ 100
Link: Living Streets – the pro-pedestrian campaign| The urban walks planner

30. Reduce your alcohol consumption

Some beers or wines after work some nights a week are a financially debilitating state of affairs.
You do not (sic) that. Hic
Saving: £ 100s
Link: Calculator: pleasures and treasures

31 Smoking pack

In addition to brands that launch special boot packages for children, each cigarette now costs around 40 pence. Those forty years add up to around £ 3,000 a year if you smoke 20 per day.
Saving: Maybe £ 3,000 – wow.
Link: Get a free drop kit

32 Cancel your gym membership

Have you heard about the guy who in 1997 joined a pay-per-use gym and never went? During those 14 years, it costs absolutely nothing. However, many people are happy to pay £ 40 or £ 50 per month charged to a gym they never go to. £ 50 per month for 14 years is £ 8,400 and that does not include the chips you have to buy in the vending machine after each visit. If you use the gym three times a week, great. If not, cancel your membership immediately. Soon you will save enough to buy your own bike and, if you feel like it, a rowing machine. And if you can still afford it, a vending machine for chips. Consider running home from work three times a week. It's free.
Saving: £ 100s
Link: We write a lot about gyms, it can be a sordid business

33 Use your library

& # 39; The whatrary? & # 39; I hear the screams behind iPads across the country. And by the time this article is updated again, the number 33 may well need to be replaced. But for now, the local library is still a mecca for saving money. It's like the best of the free internet bits under one roof, only very well organized. Your library means that you will never have to buy a cookbook, a guide or a lifestyle manual, and if you can wait a few weeks in line for the latest blockbuster, you will never have to buy books. CDs and DVDs have a great value too.
Saving: £ 100 Link:
Link: Find a library book that suits your interests | The Reading Agency

34. The trick of three by two

At the time of writing, Sainsbury has so many offers of "You have to buy two or we're taking you out", it feels as if they were secretly filming buyers who only buy one of the special packages of I can not believe it's ham, it's not for a documentary to help people who study for their doctorates in psychology. Tip: buy none. Okay, there's something to be said about buying offers with a free purchase when they pass the message & # 39; Do I really need this? & # 39; proof. But three by two is a particularly cynical way of enticing shoppers to buy a couple of additional items to feed the container. The & # 39; offer & # 39; It always has a price on the deal, so make your sums and buy.
Saving: It is a principle at stake here
Link: How to beat supermarket tricks

35 Buy clothes and gifts on sales

If life has drained every drop of human dignity from your soul, bingo! – Boxing day sales were created for you. For the rest of us, there are quieter mid-season sales where you can find most of the things you need for half the price it would have been if you could not wait. Unusual sizes tend to remain unsold for longer. So it's worth being slightly abnormal or using things that do not fit. Even thinking about Christmas before December 1 is probably a crime. But if you are genetically tuned to buy something for everyone, the money is very low and you can not find a doctor who can reconnect your DNA helix, then buy in bulk in sales. Not only do you save money, but you also enjoy pre-Christmas parties without stress and you have no last-minute birthday worries.
Saving: £ 100s
These are Money Money Saving Tools

37 Christmas lottery

The joy of giving is wonderful. But the task of trying to figure out what piece of shit it would be meaningless to give which relative you have not seen since the Queen's previous speech is tedious and unnecessary. Instead of trying to buy a gift for each relative of your family, try to meet in advance and choose a name of the hat. Then buy a gift for that person instead of trying to please everyone at a considerable and useless cost. Everyone receives a gift, everyone saves money. This works. Nobody cares If they do it. You win because you eliminated a hanger.
Saving: £ 100

38 The national lottery: it will not be you!

The odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are 14 to 1 against each ticket. It's like walking to a football field and marking a blade of grass with Tippex and then asking a blindfolded friend, whom you've given several times to go out into the field and pick up a piece of grass at random. If you choose the same blade, apply a correction fluid … that's the same, and most likely win the jackpot of the National Lottery. The price of entering the lottery has recently doubled to £ 2. That probably will not be included in the official inflation figures. Have fun in the lottery for fun sometimes. It is not an investment or a retirement or savings plan. Maybe you should consider saving extra money on an Isa.
Saving: £ 2 per week = £ 104 per year
Link: The best savings rates

39 Use your Isa assignments

If you do not know yet, you can save up to £ 5,760 a year in a tax-free savings account called Isa (for the financially savvy there are also Isa shares and shares). It means that you do not pay any taxes on accrued interest. Around 2013, a government-backed scheme called Financing for loans that injects money into banks means that they do not have to attract cash by offering attractive savings rates. Then they do not. Eventually they will, and the extra money saved on an Isa will begin to attract interest of a couple of hundred pounds a year on the total allocation again.
Saving: £ 100 +
Link: The best rates for Isa| Financing to lend, the silent killer

Best credit card purchase

40 Claim your benefits and tax credits

There was once a stigma in Britain attached to claiming benefits. That was largely eliminated when we went into the new millennium and the Government put the benefits at the heart of the family budget. The child benefit, the labor tax credit, the child tax credit and other tax benefits related to employees were an attempt to make life affordable for the poorly paid. Since then, the government has changed and the change in taxes has been a great leap for the millionaires. But if you are entitled to the benefits, you must claim them. It could be the difference between life and death. Saving: £ 100s
Link: Confused? Ask an expert from This is Money

41 How to save € 50 a month now can save you £ 120 next year

Do you pay your insurance premiums for monthly payments? If you do, consider this: you will probably be charged a premium of between 15% and 20% for the privilege. In other words, if your home and car insurance bill is £ 600, you are paying up to £ 120 per year in interest paying monthly. If this year you are able to save up next year's premiums in advance, you can save money by paying for the entire lot at once.
Saving: £ 100 +
Link: these are the best money saving rates

42. Do you need all those TV channels?

Britain has become digital. If you have not done it, it is not a TV you are watching, but a very boring and repetitive documentary called Reflections In The Oven Door. Good news: there is a world of shows better than a mirror image of your own head to choose from. But choose wisely. Before you know it, you might come across a movie package, sports, more sports than you've never heard of, or a year-long contract to watch a football game. The free view is free. You can buy Premier League soccer online. Saving: £ 100 +
Link: Find a better TV deal | Pay-as-you-go Sky football, movies

43 Bin las comidas preparadas

Los beneficios de poder calentar una cena completa de tres platos en una caja congelada en tres minutos a máxima potencia, quitar la película, mezclar y calentar durante otros tres y dejar reposar durante un minuto generalmente se ven superados por la angustia mental de repente ¡Darse cuenta de que seis minutos más de agitación Y tiempo de permanencia es MUY DEMASIADO LARGO! ¿Pero has pensado en los costos? Si la velocidad es la clave, puedes preparar tomates frescos sobre pan tostado durante 20 pb aproximadamente, que es mucho más saludable, más barato y más sabroso que las papitas a base de pescado en caja húmedas.
Ahorro: £ 100 +
Enlace: ¿Es más barato cocinar desde cero de comprar una comida preparada?

44. Emprenda un pasatiempo para ahorrar dinero

Los pasatiempos no solo le abren la mente a nuevas experiencias, sino que también le quitan el tiempo, algo importante si lo gasta en el pub bebiéndose el dinero ganado con tanto esfuerzo. Si una pintura tarda 200 horas en completarse, normalmente se toma una pinta por hora. Eso es un ahorro de al menos 700 libras por foto. Piénsalo. Obtener pintura. Ir a pescar. Hacer quiche
£ 100 +

45. Lucha contra tus multas de estacionamiento

Si no nos encantara conseguir boletos de estacionamiento, habría muchos menos guardias de tráfico acurrucándose detrás de los contenedores de ruedas con sus cuadernos, cámaras y complejos disturbios mentales esperando a atacar a los automovilistas empobrecidos con un 'no se trata de recaudar dinero, es para mantener el tráfico en movimiento 'aviso de pena. En el improbable caso de que tu afecto por los guardias de tráfico haya sido aplastado porque te han otorgado una multa por estacionamiento que sientes que era injusto … simple, contraataca.
Ahorro: £ 100
Enlazar: Cómo luchar contra multas de estacionamiento

46. ​​Evite garantías extendidas

Los productos eléctricos son más confiables que nunca. Si su nueva radio no durará tres años, tal vez no valga la pena comprarla en primer lugar. Piénselo: ¿cuántas veces se descompuso su refrigerador en los últimos cinco años? ¿Y realmente necesita la molestia de reclamar reparaciones por una tostadora de £ 10?
Ahorro: £ 100
Enlazar: Lea nuestra guía de garantías extendidas

47. Tienda en linea

Internet se está haciendo cargo gradualmente. Es un proceso lento El cuarto supermercado más grande de Gran Bretaña, Morrisions, no lanzó su servicio de comestibles en línea hasta que … ah, todavía no lo ha hecho. Mejorará, aunque solo sea porque no queda nada que comprar en High Street, aparte de juguetes, adornos y cinturones en tiendas de caridad. Para los recién llegados, hay muchos sitios web de comparación para ayudar a encontrar los mejores precios para artículos más grandes. Continúa, pruébalo, es más divertido que hacer cola durante media hora en el mostrador del supermercado, especialmente si no puedes encontrar tu tarjeta Néctar de blummin al final.
Ahorro: Tu cordura

48. Hacer lunch – obtener coche gratis

Gastas un conservador £ 5 al día en el almuerzo más el lujo de £ 1.50 en un café y £ 1 en bocadillos, no es nada. Solo cuesta £ 7.50 por día. O £ 1.800 por año. O, para la dificultad de comprensión, el costo de un auto nuevo de 10.000 libras después de tan solo cinco años. Durante su vida laboral, puede fácilmente comprar más de £ 100,000. ¿Y sabes qué? Una gran cantidad de personas gastan considerablemente más de £ 7.50 por día. Mientras que preparar su propio almuerzo no es gratis, recuerde: un sándwich es solo un pan con algunas cosas en el medio. Y por el precio de una pequeña pensión, ¿el café realmente sabe tan bien?
Ahorro: £ 100s
Enlazar: Almuerzo perfecto

49. El Buró de Asesoramiento Ciudadano es tu amigo

Si sus deudas están fuera de control, solicite ayuda inmediata a su CAB local; sus asesores pueden ayudarlo a elaborar una estrategia sensata para ayudarlo a recuperarse.
Ahorro: Puede salvar tu vida
Enlace: encuentre su CAB local

Cuentas corrientes de la semana

50. Agregue sus propios consejos, guarde este artículo, envíelo a un amigo

El progreso tecnológico desde 2005 significa que ahora puede ayudar a sus amigos a ahorrar dinero enviándoles un enlace a este artículo usando los botones inteligentes a continuación. Agregue sus propios consejos para ahorrar dinero en el cuadro de comentarios también.

Online savings: The internet has been largely a boon for the cost-conscious shopper.

Online savings: The internet has been largely a boon for the cost-conscious shopper.

Online savings: The internet has been largely a boon for the cost-conscious shopper.

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