5 WordPress Web Design Practices You Should Follow This 2021

Do you have a WordPress website? Then there are WordPress web design best practices you need to consider to ensure your site’s impact, visual appeal, functionality, and online visibility. Remember, coming up with a great WordPress web design goes beyond just choosing a beautiful layout for your web pages. If you want your website to take full advantage of everything WordPress has to offer, keep in mind these essential tips from  WordPress web designers in Brisbane that will make your website not just a pleasure to see but use as well:

Make your navigation menus easy to navigate

Nobody wants to deal with complicated things—even your web visitors! That is why when designing your WordPress website, it is important that you keep your menus as short and simple as possible. Don’t make it hard for your web visitors to navigate around your site, unless you want to turn them away! You do your web visitors a huge favor when you minimize the number of elements on your menu because you are making it less difficult for them to find what they need. Keep in mind that unless you are running a large online store, a mega menu won’t do your website any good.  

Choose elements that reflect your brand

Establishing brand design standards is a great way to make the most of your WordPress website. By making sure that your web design and your elements—including fonts, colors, and lines—reflect your brand, you make it easier for your web visitors to recognize your brand and associate your content with your business. That is why when creating your WordPress website, make sure that it clearly embodies the same brand identity you use across all your social media profiles.

Include a search bar

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or a large website—a search bar is something you will need for your WordPress website. A search bar enhances the functionality of your website as it makes it easy for your web visitors to find what they are looking on your website. Imagine if your website has a hundred pages. Without a search bar, your web visitors need to click around almost without end just to find what they’re looking for! With a search bar, however, they don’t need to get stuck navigating around your site because there’s a search function they can turn to.

Optimize your WordPress website for faster loading time

A speedy website is more important than a pretty website. No matter how beautifully designed your website is, if it is taking too long to load, chances are your website visitors would rather abandon your site. Remember, web users nowadays tend to be highly demanding. If your website is taking more than two seconds to load, your bounce rate is likely to skyrocket—which you wouldn’t want to happen. One of the best ways to optimize your WordPress website is by not packing your web pages with too many unnecessary elements. If you find such elements around your website, better get rid of them.

Use fonts that are easy to read

While you are free to choose the fonts you want for your website, not all fonts are easy to read. If you want your content to be readable and comprehensible, it is best to use classical fonts such as Arial and Verdana. Well, the fonts recommended by WordPress are safe choices, but you may opt for third-party fonts to jazz things up.