5 Ways to Rock Magnetic Eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are all the rage right now in beauty trends and for a good reason. You can use them multiple times unlike typical traditional false eyelashes and they look flawless whenever they are on. While magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply there are quite a few different ways you can pull them off in ways that will truly make you stand out. 

Find the Right Ones 

First and foremost, you gotta know which magnetic eyelashes work for you. Considering there are a few different types of lashes depending on your particular eye type, you can definitely find the perfect eyelashes that are right for you. The eyelashes have a strip at their base that clings to the actual lash. 


Traditional false eyelashes that attach with glue are particularly safe but they aren’t necessarily comfortable. The glue that you attach your false eyelashes to your real ones can leave a residue that is kind of a hassle to deal with. With magnetic eyelashes, you can use magnetic eyeliner to attach your eyelashes. There are properties in the magnetic eyeliner that cause an adhesive agent that enables the lashes to stay on. 

They Are Easy To Remove 

Once you realize how easy it is to put on magnetic eyelashes, you will never want to stop using them. These lashes are also easy to remove and can be used multiple times. However, you shouldn’t always use these lashes especially if you have allergies that you have to work with on a regular basis. 

Find the Right Brand if You Struggle With Allergies 

Even if you do struggle with allergies, in some cases you could potentially use these false lashes with regularity. Make sure you listen to your body and if you experience a flare-up, be sure to talk to your dermatologist to find the product that is right for you. Having on false eyelashes definitely does enhance any look. And considering the ease in which you can put on magnetic lashes make them desirable to use, they are certainly worth looking into. 

Decide What You Are Dressing Up For 

Before you decide to wear false eyelashes, you should determine why you are dressing up in the first place. If you are going out for a celebration, you can find a perfect lash that suits your needs. Considering that these lashes are reusable, you can enhance your look, in the same way, multiple times. Depending on what you are looking for, you can turn to stores like MoxieLashes to help you along the way. 


You can get magnetic lashes that suit you in ways you’ve always dreamed of considering they are affordable. Depending on what look you are going for, you can spend as little or as much as you’d like on a particular lash you like. They are all pretty affordable at under $100. 

Find the Right Magnetic Eyeliner 

Magnetic lashes are certainly a great addition to any makeup ritual due to the payoff of putting them on. They are easy to remove and simple to apply. All you have to do is get the right magnetic eyeliner and easily attach the lashes to your lid after one application. You can stand out from the crowd with this tool. We all strive to look great and impress at times. Also, dressing up has been proven to improve your mental health. With this simple enhancement, you can not only improve your look with one fail swoop but look flawless in the process. 


Makeup can enhance your look in such a way that makes your flaws pretty unrecognizable. It smoothes out any problem areas by covering it up. Including false eyelashes in your everyday look could even help you look flawless without the use of makeup. But regardless of how you apply your makeup or how far you want to go, you should definitely look into magnetic lashes in the future.