5 Ways To Make Your Lifestyle More Environmentally Friendly

As society progresses, it’s become more common knowledge that we all have to do our part to keep the planet healthy.  The strain of humans on the Earth is starting to get overwhelming and it’s up to everyone to take steps to preserve the beauty of the world in which we live.  

If you’re tired of living a wasteful lifestyle, take the time to learn how to change your stars.  Start now, and check out a few ways to make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly.  

Consume less red meat

The overconsumption of burgers and steaks in the world has created a huge drive for more cattle.  More than 30 percent of the earth is used to raise livestock, and those livestock have natural processes.  

The overproduction of methane gas from the abundance of livestock is adding to the destruction of the planet’s ozone layer.  Eating less meat means you’re doing your part to extinguish this stinky situation.  

Start a compost pile or bin

Your home life can be improved by taking part in the composting revolution.  Collecting organic waste and turning it into fuel for new growth represents the true definition of recycling.  

You and your family can easily start your own composting bin at home.  You can use the raw material to fertilize your garden and grow new crops.  Growing your own foods also helps the environment by cutting down on your carbon footprint.  

Cut down on energy use in your home

Living in a more energy efficient home environment is a significant way in which you can shift your life to a more environmentally friendly existence.  

Upgrade the appliances in your home to Energy Star energy efficient machines, and swap out all the light bulbs in your house, for starters.  Work to make sure your home is thoroughly insulated and that there are no air leaks around the windows and doors.  

Reduce your personal water waste

Contrary to popular belief, there is not an infinite amount of potable water in the world.  We must all work to conserve whenever possible.  

Reducing your personal water waste is a good way to take responsibility for your part in the action.  Turn the faucet off while you brush your teeth.  Let the rain wash your car most of the time, and make sure your washer and toilet are set to use as little water as possible.  

Stop using single use plastics 

Single use plastics are a huge problem for the world today.  There is no good that comes from drinking out of disposable water bottles all of the time.  Purchase a reusable water bottle, and refill the same container over and over to save on waste.