5 Ways to Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

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No matter how safe your house is, an unprotected neighborhood could end up putting your family in jeopardy. It’s a no-brainer that we all want both our communities and home free of crime and conflict. While law enforcement authorities can significantly contribute to the safety of your neighborhood, both you and your next-door-neighbor can play a vital role in keeping your homes and children safe. To help you secure the peaceful ambiance of your humble abode, here are five ways you can help keep your neighborhood safe and sound.

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors will help reduce the risk of security breaches and crime within your block. More so, knowing your neighbors will help you understand the personas and different characters within your community. This will help separate the good apples from the bad. Once you identify trustworthy people, you can get them on board to help keep vigil. As they say, two heads are better than one. The more people, the easier it is to keep watch and report any suspicious activity in the community. This helps to get your neighbors to contribute and work towards the benefit of your community. Furthermore, when you’re not around, a trusted neighbor can keep watch and alert the relevant authorities if there is a trespasser on your property. By bringing people together for a common cause, you’re far likely to see better results than working by yourself.

2. Protect Yourself, Don’t Be A Target

Besides working together with your neighbors, you also have to play your part and ensure that you’re not a risk factor to your community. You can help improve your neighborhood security by improving your home defenses to prevent you from being a target to potential lurkers and criminals by following these tips

  • Keep your valuables or hazardous items, such as weapons, in an airtight safe.
  • Never forget to keep your windows and doors shut regardless of how safe your neighborhood is.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds drawn to prevent giving potential burglars insight into your house and belongings.
  • Avoid posting your location on social media, especially when you’re away from home, as lurkers are bound to catch wind and act.
  • If you’re out on vacation, leave a trusted neighbor or relative to keep watch of your home instead of leaving it unoccupied.
  • Consider installing smart home surveillance, door locks, and alarm systems to give you 24/7 security and monitoring access to your household.

By bolstering your home defense, you help alleviate the chance of being a weak link in your community. In the event of a neighborhood crime, footage from your outdoor surveillance systems can help the police catch the perpetrators.

3. Neighborhood Watch

Endorsing regular neighborhood watches can help foster a sense of overall community awareness and vigilance. Studies have shown that communities that have instilled an effective neighborhood watch program have reported a 16 to 26 percent reduction in crime. Furthermore, with more eyes keeping tabs on the community, it’s easy to quickly report a crime in progress and have police officials catch the perpetrators in a matter of minutes. More so, burglars and lurkers are far less likely to target an active and vigilant neighborhood, thus minimizing criminal activity.

4. Speed Bumps

Aside from protecting your neighborhood from burglars and suspicious individuals, installing speed bumps can help prevent accidents. Furthermore, this is essential in family-oriented settings to help reduce children and pedestrians’ chances of being injured by overspeeding vehicles within the community.

5. Radar Signs

Radar signs are an effective traffic solution that can help raise awareness among pedestrians and drivers. This can keep your community safe by placing respective speed limit signs to help motorists adhere to your neighborhood speed limit and reduce the risk of accidents.


Establishing a safe and friendly community can be as simple as adhering to our five tips. By endorsing a crime-free neighborhood, you can live a life of peace and tranquility with family and friends devoid of stress and worry.