5 Ways to Keep Pests Away During the Holidays

Pests have always been a menace in our homes. We all dread that crawling insect that irritates you when you are asleep or the rodents that destroy our food stock and furniture at the same time. Holidays are usually a hive of activities with families and friends getting together to share food and spread joy. The festivities associated with holidays are also a magnet for pests in the household. When traveling over the holidays, you leave your house unattended making it a soft landing for pests to crash.

You could apply several remedies to help you keep that unwanted guest from occupying your house. Pest control is done in two major ways, biological pest control involving the use of pesticides, cultural control and trap cropping, and physical pest control where you use poisoned bait, fumigation, and sterilizing your residence, making it uninhabitable for pests. This will give you a chance to relax and enjoy your holidays without constantly thinking about the pest menace.

Checking and sealing entry points

In case you plan on traveling off the holiday, it would not hurt to go through the various entry points of the house. Check the ventilation system, pipes, gaps on windows and doors, and cracks in walls. These are some of the major entry points for pests. You could decide to seal off these entry points or hire a professional to provide their service.

When the house is properly sealed, you could engage in your holiday activities without having to look over your shoulder, worrying about a possible mess at home.

Employing the services of pest control firms

Pest control experts use various techniques to handle pests. They are more than capable of getting rid of pests and preventing more from setting camp within your residence. Scheduling regular visits by these experts will go a long way in keeping your house pest-free.

Pest control firms have a large selection of pesticides that are recommended for household use. You could consult with them about the most effective pesticides and the best way to use them without poisoning yourself, pests, or even other household members. Pesticides are generally toxic. Hence it is more advisable to source the services of professionals.

Keeping track of food supply

Over the holiday there is usually too much to eat because of the increased number of visitors. Proper storage of the food is one step towards keeping the ‘party crashers’ at bay. Avoid leaving food uncovered on kitchen counters and cabinets. Dirty dishes in kitchen sinks also attract pests. It would be best if you kept your kitchen clean, getting rid of dirty dishes and leftover foods and scraps.

It would be best if you also were cautious when feeding our pets. Feed the pets enough food to minimize waste that could attract pests like ants and rodents.

General household hygiene

Our hygiene determines whether or not we harbour pests in our houses. Having dirty laundry in the house and not cleaning the house regularly is a recipe for pest invasion. During the holiday, you should thoroughly clean the house and its amenities, i.e., bathrooms, kitchen area, and appliances. These are just a few of the places that, when left dirty, provide a home for the pests.

In case you’re traveling for the holidays, you could tidy up your lawns and drainage system before leaving. Do not forget to empty your trash cans and leave them clean. This will prevent pests from finding places to feed. This helps to clear out possible sites for pests to multiply.

Use proper lighting

Most flying insects are attracted to the mercury vapour lights in the houses. You could replace your lighting system with less attractive lighting systems. Use bulbs that are not attractive to the insects.

Keeping our pests comes down to our general hygiene standards. The cleaner we are, the less we have to worry about pests.