5 Ways To Avoid Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are very common, especially for people who run and participate in sports. Not only can ankle injuries slow you down and inflict unnecessary pain, but they can cost a significant amount of money between trips to the doctor and missing time from work.

However, you can reduce your risk of injuring your ankle by taking the proper precautions.

Don’t Run On Uneven Surfaces

It’s critical to remain cautious when running on uneven terrain or loose and rocky soil. Even a small slip over a loose piece of gravel can result in twisting your ankle. If you’re far off the beaten path and alone, it could prove to be even more dangerous.

If you go running outside, make sure that it’s an even and hard surface that doesn’t have holes or other obstacles. Ideally it should be a path created specifically for hikers or a sidewalk. 

Avoid Wearing Heels 

Falling in heels is one of the easiest ways to injure yourself when walking. All it takes is one wrong step, which results in your foot turning inward. As a result, you could suffer a lateral sprain or even break your foot!

In addition to sprains and breaks, you could also risk developing arthritis over time. Therefore, if you must wear heels, try to make it occasional rather than a regular staple in your daily wardrobe. 

Warm-Up Before Exercising 

Even though you may be anxious to get started on your workout, it’s critical that you stretch and warm up before. The older that we get, the less flexible we are. Therefore, without stretching prior to a workout, you could suffer anything from plantar fasciitis to an Achilles tear.

Stretching for as little as five minutes before starting your exercise program can significantly reduce the risk of foot and ankle injuries. 

Listen To Your Body

If your ankle is feeling tender and sore, then, by all means, listen to what it’s telling you! All too often, people ignore the warning signs of an impending injury, only to find that they develop serious injuries after a few days or even weeks. 

Be realistic about what your body can handle. When you start to feel pain; it’s your body’s way of saying, “stop what you’re doing!” 

Be Careful On Treadmills

You might think that running on a treadmill means less risk of injury. However, you’d be surprised how many people get seriously hurt on these popular machines.

Never go faster than you can handle and familiarize yourself with the emergency stop button. 

By applying these tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of issues that could cause you a significant amount of pain and time lost from your workouts.