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5 Ways Being Near Water Helps Your Health

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There is no getting around the fact that people are not as healthy as they used to be, both in terms of physical and mental well-being. With chronic illnesses at an all-time high and anxiety and depression affecting a large percentage of the nation, drastic change is needed—sooner rather than later.

Referred to as the “blue mind,” there is a lot of research to suggest that being in, around, or near water can have a positive effect on your health. So, what’s so special about the wet stuff? Read on to take a closer look.

1. Reduces stress

Although some stress can be good for the mind and body, too much can have seriously detrimental effects. If you are one of the many people who suffer from stress regularly, you will know only too well how difficult this can be.

Fortunately, even just a few hours on the water can help to significantly lower your stress levels, and a boating vacation such as one through helm.yt can completely transform how you feel and increase your ability to cope with stress.

2. Promotes calmness

Natural blue spaces provide the perfect setting for fostering feelings of calm. With an abundance of natural sunlight, fresh air, and low levels of pollution, you can’t help but feel more at peace when you are on the water.

This is particularly helpful for people who lead busy lives and struggle to disconnect from the modern world.

3. Stimulates healing

When you are near water, your senses are stimulated and this can encourage psychological healing. Even the act of watching a body of water such as a nearby lake or the ocean can be calming and this, in turn, can help to soothe your soul and make you feel better.

Try dipping your toes in the water or trailing your fingers along the water’s edge next time you are not feeling your best.

4. Encourages physical activity

Most people could do with a little bit more exercise, with an increasing number of us leading predominantly sedentary lifestyles. The beauty of being by or on the water is that it provides countless opportunities to get moving.

As well as the obvious choice of swimming, there are so many other water-based activities that you can try such as kayaking, boating, snorkeling, canoeing, and so many more.

5. Promotes good sleep

As many as 40% of adults suffer from bouts of insomnia, with 10% struggling with a chronic inability to sleep. If you are one of these statistics, you may be interested to know that being around water can help to promote good sleep.

In particular, breathing in the ocean air is associated with better sleep, with one study showing that people sleep an average of 47 minutes longer after a seaside stroll.

Bottom line

It doesn’t matter if you choose to simply take a stroll along the water’s edge once a week or you book a two-week boating vacation, you can’t help but be amazed by the calming effects of the water.

Why not give “blue mind” a try and see how much better it makes you feel?

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