5 Uses for a Portable Storage Unit

Investing in a portable storage unit for a short time is a wonderful option for anyone planning to move, trying to downsize or working through a renovation. Additionally, if you have had water or smoke damage in your home, having a secure area outside the house to store your belongings while you clean up can be a great gift.


Make Your Move Easier


If you’re planning to move, experts recommend that you declutter and depersonalize. However, you’re going to need somewhere to put all of those personal belongings. Getting a portable storage unit that you can store on the property and load as you pack over time can really make your move simpler.


While loading your portable storage unit, carefully mark each box with the room it should be settled in on the day you move into your new home. When the unit is full, call for a pickup and have it transported to a secure storage center and keep packing.


Reduce Renovation Mess


Should you decide to renovate your current home instead of moving, a portable storage unit can still come in handy. Park this useful tool near your home and move everything into it that will be in the way during a renovation.


For someone adding a second story or converting a small bedroom into a large bath or dressing room,, getting as much as possible out of the dust zone can help a lot. Box things up, renovate, then unpack in your new-to-you space.


Plan to Downsize


If you’re ready to move to a smaller home or need a one-story living space, a portable storage unit can help you prep for a moving or living estate sale. Go through each room and determine what you plan to take with. Put those things in the pod.


Then list your moving sale or hire someone to manage your living estate sale. Everything else in your home can be sold or donated without worry; you’ll have everything you need when the pod gets moved over and your move will be greatly simplified. Even better, there are many portable storage unit rental companies that will happily move your belongings across the country.


Clean Up After Disaster


A small housefire or tiny flood can make a giant mess. Once the fire is out and the leak is plugged, bring in a portable storage unit so you can move over things that are still in good shape. Once you’ve salvaged as much as you can, you can start throwing things away and bring in professional cleaners.


Carefully check out your pod size options when ordering your temporary storage unit. There are multiple companies out there and you can get units in a variety of sizes. Once your home is fully restored, you can unpack and get settled back in your freshly cleaned up house. Contact your storage unit rental company for a pickup and your home will be good as new!


When Your Home Office Needs More Room


A portable storage unit is also a great tool when a portion of your home has to relocate. If you’ve been running your business from home and are bursting at the seams, consider relocating your work into a new space.


To keep things simple, rent a storage unit. Load all your office equipment, paperwork and furniture into it, and have it transported to your new office location. One packing job, one move, and one unpacking job.


A portable unit can save you a lot of driving around and fiddling with codes. Rent a unit that can be parked at your door for you to use. Life isn’t always convenient, but storage can be!