5 Unique Business Marketing Ideas Worth Investment

If you want to make your audience remember your business, traditional marketing tactics will take a lot of time and investment. You must do something unique and impressionable that doesn’t feel like marketing. Here I have shared five marketing ideas every SME should consider to increase its brand awareness and sales. 

Create a Unique Business Mascot

Many stores use a mascot to get the attention of a crowd and distribute pamphlets. While that has its benefits and you should follow this practice, make sure you don’t keep changing the mascot based on what costume is available. Decide one mascot that relates to your business and use it for marketing practices. It becomes another brand identity, just like name and logo. 

Personalized Text Messages

Text message marketing is an effective and fast method of reaching out to potential customers. Record the phone number of every customer that visits your store, saying there will be a lucky draw. Furthermore, get or build a database of your audience. Write a short message that isn’t annoying for them and also markets your brand. This task will require a tool to help you manage contacts and send scheduled messages. 

Giveaway Branded T-Shirts

Print as many T-shirts as possible and distribute in areas where your prospects reside. The purpose of this practice is to increase brand awareness. People like free giveaways and most of them won’t decline a free shirt. However, they won’t wear it if it’s not attractive. You are investing money, also invest some time into designing a shirt that people would love to wear. 

Start Green Initiative

The world may not be doing much to save the planet, but it does like to help who you have taken the initiative. Start campaigns that follow the idea of saving the environment. For example, use biodegradable bags and pamphlets. If any changes can be made in your store or office, make it more environment-friendly. 

Sponsor Local Sports Team

People follow sports, even local matches. It doesn’t require much investment to sponsor them and it gives your business the exposure it needs. See what would catch viewers’ attention on the field and put your logo and message there.