5 Top Reasons You Should Be Hiring Workers From A Labor Hire Agency


Labor hire agencies often get a bad reputation as employers perceive the staff offered as those less committed to careers than ‘regular’ staff.

However, this is a myth. Reputable labor hire agencies have strict procedures which they need to follow when taking people on. They will establish their skill set, test them if necessary, check experience, and even verify the references. In short, the reputable labor hire agency does most of the work for you.

This allows you to approach them and get high-quality staff at short notice. In fact, there are five main benefits to using a labor hire agency.

  • Test Your Employees

The most obvious benefit of hiring workers from a labor hire agency is that you can test a new employee. Certainly, in some cases, you simply need a temporary worker for a one-off job and that is it.

But, in many instances, this can be the safest way to find new talent. The agency will allow you to choose a candidate and then they work for you but are still employed by the agency.

You have the opportunity to assess their skills and their fit with your existing staff, allowing you to effectively test-drive an employee!

  • Fills Gaps

The great thing about labor hire is that it can be for as long or as short as you like. That means labor hire workers are the perfect way of filling gaps in your workload. You can take extra on when you are very busy and eliminate them effortlessly when the workload lightens.

It doesn’t just help your staff to flex according to demand. It also ensures you don’t spend excessively on staff that you don’t always need. Labor hire agencies can have a very positive effect on your bottom line.

  • Minimizes Paperwork

The agency will handle almost all the paperwork. All you will have to do is read the contract and sign it. Because the worker is still an employee of the agency they will deal with payslips, sickness, holiday, etc. You get the benefit of an extra worker without the paperwork. At least until you decide to take them on permanently.

  • Maintains Morale of Existing Staff

You need to look after existing staff and this is a great way to show them that you care! As workload increases it is easy to expect more from your staff. Unfortunately, this is a great way to reduce the morale in the workplace. The knock-on effect is a reduction in productivity, right when you don’t need it.

Using an agency shows your staff that you respect them and their efforts, and will get extra help when needed. 

  • Opportunities For Existing Staff

Staff tend to stay with a company when they are happy. Giving them a good working environment contributes to this. But, for many people, it is important to feel they are learning new skills and broadening their possibilities. 

You can take on agency workers to free existing staff for additional training. It is worth the expense as your main staff will appreciate the effort and work harder for you.