5 Tips For Working Through Your Road Rage

We’ve all experienced it before- driving along the road, minding your own business when suddenly, someone cuts you off with a seemingly idiotic maneuver. No apology wave, no attempt to show that they regret cutting you off whatsoever. Then, it happens. 

You feel your heart rate start to elevate, and your blood run cold. You feel your palms sweating as you grip the steering wheel as tight as you can. All you want to do is accelerate and chase that person down to teach them a lesson. It’s official: you’ve got road rage. 

However, allowing yourself to give in to these feelings of anger while operating your vehicle won’t end well for anyone. It’s likely to result in getting into a car accident. It’s in your best interest to learn to control your road rage. Here are some of the best ways to do so.  

Take Deep Breaths 

The first thing that you should do is take deep breaths so that you control your breathing. Believe it or not, you have the power to totally change your emotions through the power of breath. Taking deep breaths in and out, letting your stomach expand on each inhale will help you calm down. 

Bring your focus back to where you are, and get your heart rate back to a normal speed. 

Stay Aware  

It’s important to make sure that your anger isn’t clouding your ability to stay aware of your surroundings. Take a look around and ensure that there isn’t any immediate danger. Observe what’s going on around you with a clear mind rather than an angry one. 

Statistics show that people who are angry are much more likely to become distracted while driving angrily. Those five minutes of your day aren’t worth putting your life or others lives’ at risk. Open your eyes and scope things out before continuing down the road.  

Give Up Your Need To Be Right 

Even though you may be 100% right, having to prove how right you are won’t get you anywhere. The truth is that you can’t change anyone in the world except yourself. Why waste all this energy on chasing after someone trying to change their ways when you can change yourself much more easily. 

When you waste your energy on others, you’ll fall short every time. You can’t control others’ choices, but you can control your choices.  Make a choice to be calm and give up the need to be right! 

Learn To Bite Your Tongue 

If a confrontation occurs, it’s easy to let your mouth start rambling off in a series of expletives. However, there is much more power in learning to control your filter rather than losing control. 

Moments of road rage are an excellent opportunity to observe your reaction and take control of your own weaknesses.