5 Tips For Planning a Surprise Party

Whether you’re planning a surprise party for someone for their birthday, a baby shower, or even an anniversary, it’s always a fun event to plan! What better way to celebrate something than to do it with a surprise! Who doesn’t love being surprised by all of the people they love most?

There are a lot of risks for things to go wrong, however. It’s up to you to be as organized as possible in order to throw the perfect event.  If you’re thinking about planning a surprise party in the near future, then consider these tips and tricks to help you during the process.

Don’t Make Alcohol The Main Attraction

Even though a lot of people associate parties with drinking, it doesn’t have to be the main focus of your event. The problem with too much alcohol at your party is that it can lead to all sorts of issues that you don’t want to be responsible for.

Guests may get too drunk before your guest of honor arrives. Someone could get a DUI driving home. Someone could even get hurt and injure themselves. As a party host, you want to make sure that you have everyone’s best interests in mind. This isn’t a high school kegger; it’s a surprise party! The goal is honoring your guest, not being held liable for irresponsible drinkers.

Be Secretive

Even though you might like to believe that most people have common sense, you’re being too generous with your assumptions. People may not always be the best secret keepers. You’re better off being extremely secretive and only telling a few select people. 

Your party won’t be as fun without the element of surprise. In addition to being selective about who you spill the beans to, be sensible about how you get the word out.  

For example, you probably don’t want to post a status update on your social media page that the guest of honor could see. Even creating a group invitation is risky. Instead, consider inviting people face to face. Your surprise is much less likely to be spoiled!

Pick a Fun Theme

Choose a theme that’s appropriate for whatever you’re celebrating. Obviously, a birthday party isn’t going to have the same decor as a 50th wedding anniversary or a bachelorette party.

Plan out how you want the look and feel of your party to be, and give yourself enough time to prepare.

Choose The Right Time

Since you’re planning a surprise, it’s important that you choose the right moment. Make sure that it’s a time that won’t throw the person off or make them feel inconvenienced. Choose a time when you know they’ll be happy rather than irritated by a party they didn’t choose to have!