5 Tips for Choosing SEO Tools

If you want to practice and succeed with SEO, you have to focus on vital tools that play significant roles: auditing, tracking, and reporting. For a beginner, you may feel overwhelmed to choose the right tool. 

However, before you can shop for a SERP checker or any other SEO tool in the market, you should first map out things you expect from the tools.

Therefore, before you can start choosing the right SEO tool for your business, these are features to consider.

  • Keyword Ranking

When starting your SEO strategy for your business, keyword ranking should be the first tool to consider. The free rank checker you choose will help you determine what you need in your business to increase organic traffic through content. 

A good keyword ranking tool should have vital features: finding, tracking, and comparing keyword ranks. If you want to evaluate an SEO keyword tool, ensure the tool you pick has these features: 

  • Ranking
  • Search volume 
  • Competitor rankings 
  • Movement 
  • Ranking table
  • SEO Grade

If you are new to SEO and looking for a SERP checker to know where your business stands, you need to have the right tool for you. Therefore, SEO grade would be a great tool you must-have at your disposal. It should be used, especially when you know your business is well optimized in content and technically. 

  • Technical SEO crawler

For you to have a successful SEO strategy, you have to practice technical SEO. This allows Google to crawl and index anything you have on your website. 

Most SEO tools detect the presence of a sitemap and robots.text file. Moreover, a good SEO tool will crawl through your website, similar to the way Google does. Furthermore, the tool should look for issues the way Google does when crawling the website, such as broken pages and links, duplicate content, and HTTP and HTTPS conflicts. 

  • User-friendly Interface

The tool you choose could be complicated and intimidating. If you are new to SEO, then any tool that you choose has to have a low barrier for your entry. 

You will find that each tool only requires a single click to figure out. However, any tool that takes more of your time before you can know what it helps you isn’t a good tool.

  • Mobile Optimization

If you have a website, mobile traffic will make more organic visitors. It has become easier such that Google has started to index pages through mobile. A good SEO tool should determine a more friendly website and how to improve such a website. 

Some of the things to look at include: 

  • Mobile compatibility 
  • Touchscreen readiness 
  • Speed 
  • Mobile viewpoint 

If you didn’t know, then now you are aware that mobile-friendliness is a vital ranking signal. 

The Final Word 

Most SEO tools in the market offer you a free trial period. That will help you know more about using it before committing yourself. 

Before you can decide to buy any SEO tool, take time and try it out. Ensure the tool you choose makes your marketing more effective and easier without spinning your head.