5 Tips for Buying Cannabis for the First Time

Many health benefits of cannabis have been reported. Choosing cannabis, for the first time, feels overwhelming. There are many strains, and you can consume them differently.

To feel safe for the first time buying cannabis, consider these simple things.

Choose Good Quality

Since cannabis was legalized in many states, analytical product testing is available. So, it will be hassle-free to get the best quality when you want to purchase. Cannabis is a plant, and growing it isn’t rocket science. However, similar to the production of other plants –fruits and vegetables – there are pesticides used. There are some toxic pesticides and not healthy to consume.

To get the best quality, understand cannabis, and buy from a reputable vendor. The product should be properly assessed for THC potency in the lab. It will be the safest way you can make a decision.

Differentiate Sativa and Indica

There are two classifications of cannabis; sativa, and indica. Cannabis indica is a short and bushy plant with a high concentration of THC. The flowers of Cannabis indica are larger and darker in color.

On the other hand, cannabis sativa has a taller and lankier plant. It takes longer to grow compared to its counterpart. The flowers are smaller and less dense.

If you want to feel relaxed, consume indica marijuana. Its genetics have sedative effects. And expect to experience body high, which is why it’s used to treat pain and insomnia. Sativa contains energizing qualities and is suitable for outdoor exercises and activities.

Many strains you can find in the market are hybrids. They are a blend of sativa and indica species. That’s why you find 70/30 terminology; 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa.

Avoid Seeds and Stems

When consuming marijuana, the desired constituents are highly concentrated in the budding flowers. However, there are many ways to consume cannabis. But you will find it better to try different methods and have the best experience.

If you separate dried flowers and stem before you grind, cannabis reduces the overall matter. Also, it will increase the potency of what you consume. There will be some potency in cannabis stems; you can choose to keep them for future use in a cannabis tea.

Stay Safe

There have been changes regarding cannabis laws across the world. However, there is still a concern about whether marijuana influences your ability to drive a car. If you are buying for the first time, you have no experience with how it reacts to you. So, it would be best if you didn’t drive after smoking marijuana. Safety is better than cure. Smoke and stay safe; it’s better than to be sorry.

Moreover, it’s best to stay near family or friends while planning to consume cannabis. It will help you stay safe as it’s your first time.

Feel Comfortable

Many experienced cannabis users find it enjoyable. However, the influence you experience differs from the other. Again, it’s your first time, and you expect to have the first experience.

Therefore, you need to have an appropriate preparation before consuming cannabis. Earlier preparation is better. That’s why; you won’t find a football player on the pitch wearing a tie and suit to play. Dress comfortably; it’s your first experience.

Additionally, it would be best if you dehydrated yourself; drink lots of water. It’s essential if you plan to walk on a sunny day. Also, take breaks when necessary.

The Final Words

Luckily, consuming marijuana for the first time will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Consuming cannabis helps activate pleasure in your brain, promote creative thinking, and heighten the senses. Moreover, cannabis has other health benefits; relieving pain and nausea. With the experience you will get smoking cannabis, you can differentiate the strains, how your body reacts, and the different consumption methods. In the end, you can decide what’s best for you; the strain and method of consumption.