5 things to know about beard oil (and how to use it)

As for a beautiful plant, the beard requires a minimum of maintenance if you want it to appear superb! It must therefore be nourished and hydrated, and for that, there is nothing like natural beard oils.

Indeed, it is the essential solution for excellent beard maintenance. Beard oils are necessary to have a beautiful beard, but unfortunately, it is a step often neglected. However, it is the product that every bearded man should have at home! So, if this is not the case for you yet, you will soon have to fix it! But, wait, don’t panic! We will, of course, explain to you why.

Having a lovely flower garden is due to the efforts put into caring and nourishing it. And this is precisely the same for your pretty tuft of hair. It needs nourishment and hydration, just like your flower garden. And for that, in your opinion, what is it to you? A natural beard oil, of course!

Well, it’s not necessarily obvious and logical to say to yourself: “Here, today, I’m going to oil my beard a little.” But now that you’ve decided to wear a beard, it’s out of the question to neglect it.

How to choose your beard oil?

Note that not all beard oils are good. As a result, try to favor a beard oil composed of natural vegetable oils, which should ideally be ORGANIC. Indeed, these are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, which prove necessary for the proper development of your beard. Yes, it’s not just to buy, it is suitable for your hair.

Beard oil can also nourish, soften, and moisturize your beard and skin naturally! So what more could you expect? Not to mention that it will be softer and silkier with beard oil, and in addition, your face will smell excellent and classy.

But watch out! As said earlier, not all beard oil is necessarily good. So beware of beard oils made from hydrogenated oils. Indeed, the composition of these oils can be pretty harmful. They will give you the illusion of shiny hair, but in reality, it will weaken it more than anything else.

Beard oil containing olive oil, argan oil, sesame oil, etc., will be perfect for your beard and skin. Do not hesitate to contact Bossman brand if you need advice for your beard, and do not forget to visit the shop to discover the natural and scented beard oils.

How to use beard oil?

  1. First, you will have to pour a little beard oil in your hands
  2. Then, heat it for a few seconds in the palms of your hands so as not to apply it very cold on your beard.
  3. Once heated, apply it to your beard, taking the time to massage deeply. Well, at first it may seem a bit boring, but you will probably enjoy it over time!
  4. Do not rinse after the massage. Doing that is a big mistake. Beard oil and water don’t mix well. So be patient, and let the product work.
  5. For optimal effectiveness, use the beard oil before going to bed. And this will allow the oil to act in-depth, and this, for long hours.

So, easy or not? Now you know what to do: always add beard oil to your shopping list to ensure you consistently wear that excellent look.

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