5 Things to Ask Your International Moving Company

Moving to a different location or town in your country can be a stressful affair. But things can even get trickier when you are moving to a different country with your belongings.


There’s a lot that’s always involved when you are not just crossing cities but international borders. It requires meticulous planning and strategizing to ensure that you and your family move out safely and with your property left intact.


There’s no doubt that you are going to need the services of an international moving company to facilitate your relocation. Although getting an international moving company is not a big deal, the big question is whether you will find a reliable company or not.


There are several things that you need to consider or look for in order to select the best international moving company. Here are some of the questions you should ask:


Find out if the moving company is licensed


This is one of the most important things you should ask an international moving company. This may sound simple but is a very important question to ask when searching for international moving services. Do not assume that every international moving company is licensed to operate.


Some companies may be operating illegally or their licenses may have been revoked for one reason or the other. Hiring such a company to transport your property internationally will be a recipe for trouble.


This is mainly because it will be difficult to hold them accountable in case anything goes wrong in the end. It is important to verify the legality of the company before you hire their services.


Ask the company what type of paperwork will be required from you


You should also ask your international moving company the type of documentation that you will need to fill in order to move to your destination country. The good news is that some movers can assist you in completing some of the documents.


It is also advisable to ask the company if there are any border restrictions and how that can be avoided in advance. This is because failing to comply with certain restrictions can lead to fines or even your shipment being detained and the customs.


Besides, some nations don’t allow some products or goods to cross their borders. That’s why it is important for your moving company to provide you with a list of such items so that you are aware of what to carry and what not to leave behind.


Are there any hidden charges?


You should also talk to your international moving company and find out if there could be any hidden charges from the ones shown in your initial quotation.


This is important because some moving companies tend to hide charges in a bid to attract clients and later introduce additional charges after you have signed a contract. Clarifying such charges can help you budget accordingly and avoid surprises.


Find out if the moving company offers insurance and at what rate


Most reputable international moving companies offer insurance to clients transporting goods internationally and you are likely to view that from the quotation they will send you.


The cost of insurance usually depends on the value of your shipment. For instance, if your shipment is valued at $10,000 then you may be charged two percent of that.


How will you receive your goods at the destination country?


Last but not least, inquire how you will be able to receive your goods once you reach your destination. Most international movers liaise with at least three different companies from the start to finish. Ensure you have the contacts of the company responsible for delivering your shipment in the country of origin.