5 Summertime Beauty Must-Haves

Summertime is all about enjoying the sun and withstanding the heat. It’s time to lay in your backyard and take your shoes off. However, along with the heat comes a lot of potential beauty mishaps. In order to look and feel your best, it’s important to make sure that you have the most important beauty must-haves on hand. For an all-time summer fabulous look, make sure that you are equipped with these summer must-haves. 


Sure, we know that you want to get a tan, but did you know that the more that you expose your skin to the sun, the sooner that you’ll start to age? It’s important that even when you’re in shaded areas that your skin is covered by a minimum of 30 SPF coverage.

Sunburns aren’t only painful, but they can lead to skin cancer down the road. The fact of the matter is, it’s simply not worth it! If you want to be a smart summer-goer, then you should always have your sunblock on hand


Not only do sunglasses look fabulous, but they are also important for keeping your eyes safe. Staring at bright objects for long periods of the day can start to damage your eyes. It’s important that you wear proper protective eyewear in order to keep your eyes healthy and young. Always make sure that you carry your sunglasses in your purse to avoid eye issues. 


The longer that you stay in the sun, the more that the sun will start to suck the moisture out of your skin. It’s important that you moisturize daily if you plan on spending any amount of time outdoors.

From your hands to your body, it’s important that everything stays moisturized. If you sweat easily, then you should opt for a lighter formula that doesn’t cake on your skin and leave you feeling greasy. 

For your face, it’s recommended to use light moisturizer even under foundation. As long as you opt for a high-quality formula, your skin should be fine even in the hottest of conditions.  


Just like your skin gets dry in the heat, so can your lips. Don’t let yourself be one of those people with desperately dry lips. Always carry your trusty chapstick with you, especially on the days that you hit the beach. 

Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll look that much more beautiful with plump and moisturized smackers. 


When the sun is hitting the back of your neck, the last thing you want is your hair to be spilling over your skin. The more hair that you have over your shoulders and neck, the more that your body temperature will rise.

Think of your hair as a scarf. The last thing that you want to be wearing in the summertime is a warm scarf. Therefore, you should always carry around hair bands to tie your hair up and keep your neck cool.