5 Stunning Staples Your Closet Is Craving – All $50 and Under at Amazon

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Score these for $50 or less.  (Photo: Amazon)

Score these for $50 or less. (Photo: Amazon)

Every great wardrobe is made up of timeless staples, whether it’s a T-shirt that fits you just right or the jeans that make you feel like you’re making a million bucks. Even the trendiest wardrobe needs a handful of essentials that look and feel tailored.

Well, we’re here with some exciting news – there’s no need to pay custom prices for pieces that feel custom. Amazon is the drop, exclusive collections that “drop” every few weeks and feature a whole host of gorgeous staples that will never go out of style. And they’re anything but simple: a lot of care and thought has gone into each piece, and when you see what’s on offer, you’ll understand what we mean.

Shop our favorite looks below and check out the full collection here.

The perfect everyday dress.  (Photo: Amazon)The perfect everyday dress.  (Photo: Amazon)

The perfect everyday dress. (Photo: Amazon)

This gown – designed by blogger Caralyn Mirand – is made entirely of lightweight viscose and creates a lot of drama, thanks to the layered skirt and the voluminous, always slightly shorter sleeves. It’s the perfect dress to wear when the seasons change: it looks just as good with a pair of sneakers or sandals as it does with tights and boots. Plus: The soft olive shade just screams “fall”.

“Love it!” reported one shopper. “Suits so flirty and fun. Perfect for the office or a girls night out.”

$50 at Amazon

Wear as is, or combine with tights or leggings.  (Photo: Amazon)Wear as is, or combine with tights or leggings.  (Photo: Amazon)

Wear as is, or combine with tights or leggings. (Photo: Amazon)

Imagine your favorite oversized sweatshirt just turned into a dress. This is it! The Estelle Gown feels just like your favorite hoodie, but thanks to some stylish details – voluminous sleeves, pockets and an above-the-knee hem – it feels and looks more chic.

“What a great dress!” noted one shopper. “Soft, comfortable and flattering – Plus it has pockets! Love it.”

$40 at Amazon

The perfect in-between jacket.  (Photo: Amazon)The perfect in-between jacket.  (Photo: Amazon)

The perfect in-between jacket. (Photo: Amazon)

Evenings are about to get chilly again, and this lightweight jacket will keep you toasty without weighing you down. It has a cool moto-style asymmetric zipper, and it’s machine washable, so it’s so easy to care for. Available in blue and olive.

“The fit of this jacket is great!” stated one shopper. “Trimming and fitted over the shoulders, but shaped to give you a little wiggle room at the waist. Looks fantastic.”

$50 at Amazon

So stylish — and incredibly versatile.  (Photo: Amazon)So stylish — and incredibly versatile.  (Photo: Amazon)

So stylish – and incredibly versatile. (Photo: Amazon)

Silky materials may not be known for being stretchy, but this style defies all logic — in a good way. It has a nice ruffle above the hem, and unlike silk petticoats, it doesn’t cling to your body; instead, it glides flattering over your hips and legs. It has an elasticated waist, so it pulls on well, and looks great with a shirt or bodysuit, or with a thick sweater when the temperature drops. Don’t be put off by the bright green – it’s easy to style in any of the colors it comes in, including black, blue, olive green, pink and silver.

“I love how soft and stretchy this skirt is,” said one shopper. “Super cute!”

$45 at Amazon

The perfect way to brighten up any gray day.  (Photo: Amazon)The perfect way to brighten up any gray day.  (Photo: Amazon)

The perfect way to brighten up any gray day. (Photo: Amazon)

Even if you’re the type of girl who likes to dress up, keep a pair of sweats on standby — what else are you going to wear on those chilly fall weekends you spend indoors? This pair comes in a rainbow of gorgeous tie-dye hues, and each is cropped at the ankle and has oversized pockets (perfect for hiding the remote or stashing candy).

“So unbelievably perfect!” noted one shopper. “Great for these pandemic days. Add some color and comfort to these gray days!”

$45 at Amazon

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