5 Sparkling Gemstones Engagement Ring For Women

When popping the question, most grooms-to-be are wary of picking the perfect diamond for their lady. Though diamonds are forever beautiful, but so are the other stunning gemstones available in a plethora of colors. You can break free from the traditional choices and make your love evident with a sparkling sapphire, ruby, emerald, or garnet ring. 

Colored gemstones carry an enigmatic charm and mysterious aura that make them a better choice than colorless diamonds. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can definitely buy a beautiful astrological gemstone ring with crystals like opal, moonstone, aventurine, etc. that don’t cost a bomb and fit every budget.


The beauty of gemstones makes them perfect for every bride on the most important day of her life. If you are also in the quest of finding an ideal gemstone engagement ring, here are the choices you can’t resist.

  1. Timeless Ruby

Due to its breathtaking color and charming appeal, ruby never fails to impress. It is one of the most coveted variety of corundum mineral family that shares the durability and hardness of sapphires. Though it equals to sapphires in terms of hardness on the Moh’s scale, ruby may need a little bit of more enhancement and treatment to improve its looks. The best color of this gemstone is the pigeon blood red or slightly purplish red shade with medium tone and vivid color saturation. 

Another reason to choose ruby is its association with the matters of heart. It may be a tad expensive to buy, but the mystical beauty of rubies makes up for its value. According to astrology, ruby can help you share and spread the loving energy without dwelling in anguish or distress. It can protect the most sensitive feeling and help you develop a loving attitude in life. All these attributes make it a perfect gemstone for engagement rings.

  1. Royal Blue Sapphire

None other Astrological Gemstone can invoke the admiration and the sense of royalty like blue sapphire does. It is the most revered colored stone since antiquity. Even before the diamonds became a fad in the industry, sapphires have been around for centuries. They are always the top preference for engagement rings, even among the royals, rich, and famous. From notable celebrities to commoners, this gemstone never fails to fascinate anyone with its sparkling blue color and deep tone. With a hardness rating of 9 on the Moh’s scale, it is a durable choice that will end forever.


However, beauty is not the only reason to buy blue sapphire engagement rings. This gemstone is a powerhouse of mystical energies that can transform your life and relationship in positive ways.

  1. Rich Emerald

With its distinctive green color and luxurious beauty, emerald is another irresistible gemstone for engagement rings. You can pick an emerald ring with a modern setting amid a band of diamonds to look timeless and chic. Since this stone also has a rating of 8 on Moh’s scale, it will last forever.


But, it may have certain inclusions and fractures that are unique to emerald’s jardin or garden. Your gemstone will undergo some slight treatments to improve these flaws that make it one of its kinds. However, be mindful of choosing a ring with minimum inclusions to avoid the risks of chipping or cracking on its surface.

Emerald is also called the stone of successful love as it opens and stimulates the heart chakra and heals your spirit with freshness, hope, and vitality. It embodies endless and selfless love and promotes true partnership between couples. No wonder people choose emerald to seal their vows of forever love and belonging. You may attribute this ability to its association with the planet of Venus that signifies true love and compassion. 

  1. Stunning Amethyst

When you need an exquisite alternative to costly diamonds, you can never go wrong with an amethyst engagement ring. It is a lovely and wonderful variety of quartz available in colors ranging from deep purple to lavender. The stone carries the hardness of 7 without any cleavage planes that avoid scratching or breaking. Aside from the physical features it holds, understanding the amethyst stone meaning greatly influences its value. You can choose this gemstone to represent an enduring and deeper connection with your love.

In the astrological world, amethyst represents faithful love and carries deep passion in its core. It protects, soothes, and calms the disruptions in your mind and creates a loving energy around you. When you choose this gemstone for your engagement ring, you bring these powers and properties to your life, making it full of love, contentment, and passion. 

  1. Versatile Garnet

If you think garnet comes only in the color red, you may be wrong. This wonderful and versatile gemstone offers many colors ranging from white to orange, green, purple, and yellow. You may even find color-changing garnets for a touch of uniqueness in your engagement ring. 

The stone offers hardness up to 7.5 on Moh’s scale with no cleavage, making it perfect for any cut or shape. You can choose demantoid garnets for their brilliant dispersion, tsavorite garnets for excellent durability, and mandarin garnets for a breathtaking orange color. 

By choosing this gemstone, you can connect with your love on a deeper spiritual basis. It helps utilize the innate creative energies to work with love and compassion in the physical planes. Garnet is also a sensual crystal that represents purification of love and intense, deep feelings. In some cultures, it is believed to bring hearts closer and forge strong relationships. 

These are top five sparkling gemstones that you can choose for women’s engagement rings. However, you should be mindful when buying any of these precious gemstones online. Many stores like GemPundit can make your search easier with a wide variety on a single platform and several add-ons. 

On these websites, you can pick the gemstone of your choice at an affordable price and get a free lab certificate to prove its authenticity. You may even get a free astrological recommendation for choosing the right stone. 

Every stone on these websites is checked and quality tested for the factors like color, cut, carat, and clarity. You will get the finest crystals with eye-clean clarity, deep colors, enchanting cuts, and appropriate carat weight to suit your needs.