5 Reasons Why You Should Go Glamping in Herefordshire

Glamping is one of the newest and most enjoyable trends in enjoying the outdoors. Often, people back out of a camping trip as they imagine the hassle of setting up tents and bringing heavy equipment such as the tent itself, bedding, cooking devices, and more. With glamping, you don’t have to worry about anything except probably the food you bring. It is like an outdoor luxury hotel room where it is all ready for you. You only have to book the perfect schedule for you and turn up.

Herefordshire is undeniably the best when it comes to enjoying and witnessing the beauty of glamping. It brings you to relaxing pastoral fields, glistening and idyllic rivers, lovely villages you can roam around in; there are endless things to do other than staying in your tent or tipi. It is alongside River Wye, and this provides you with ample opportunities for fishing and canoeing. River Wye is the 5th largest river in the UK. Herefordshire’s charming landmark with a mesmerising scenery waiting to endow visitors the pleasure of basking in it and amazing you with the view.

5 Reasons Why Herefordshire Should Be Your Top Choice

  • Variety of things you can do

As mentioned, there is so much that you can do within Herefordshire as it is one of the ideal places for outdoor activities and peace. You can enjoy inside your tipi, sit beside the river, canoe, play with your family, run around the fields, cook some barbeques, fishing, and more. It’s both a calming and exciting place you can bond and strengthen your relationship with others or with yourself. 

  • Luxury and Beauty

Many believe no other place can top off the grandiosity of glamping in Herefordshire. From the fields, mountains, to the historic villages. Glamping sites and companies around the Herefordshire offers you luxury tipis having inside as glamorous as hotel room complete with beddings, pillows, and more. You can check it out here: https://whitehouseonwye.co.uk/glamping-herefordshire. The hustle and bustle of the city would be nowhere near you; it is all your friends, family, or yourself, enjoying the scenic view with the majestic fields, mountains, and rivers.

  • Excellent Fishing Site

Known for its clear water, River Wye is a great place to fish for chub, trout, grayling, barbel, pike, salmon, and more. It has an upstream deep and slow flow before it speeds up to its downstream sections. The fast stream along these bring you bigger fishes to catch. Overall, because the water is clean, the fishes you see are of superb quality and condition, especially with the sunlight giving the fishes lovely bright colours. More so, you can try fly fishing along the pebble beach you can find in the White House which is suitable for casting. 

  • Child-friendly

Farms and sites around Herefordshire are one of the most child-friendly glamping locations in the UK. Farms allow children to play with friendly farm animals.

  • Privacy

One of the things that allow people to enjoy glamping in Herefordshire is the privacy they get, unlike when tipis and tents are placed together in a group, even with people you don’t know. Although there are options if you love meeting new people, the privacy you get grom glamping with tipis placed perfectly for solace is commendable.