5 Reasons Why Winning the Lottery Will or Won’t Make You Happier

Whether it’s a multi-million Euro jackpot at stake or tens of thousands of pounds that are up for grabs, entering the lottery is one of the most common types of gambling in the world. In the UK alone, about 45 million people are regularly taking part of the national lottery, which is about 70% of the population.

Buying lottery tickets is incredibly popular and the past few years it got even bigger as a huge portion of the world got into it after several lottery sites launched in India, catering to a population of approximately 1.4 billion. That’s a fifth of the world!

We seem to love the lottery as we think winning a large sum of money is the answer to everything. But is it really? There’s a bit of controversy around the happiness that winning the lottery will earn us. Some studies show that happiness isn’t affected at all, while we tend to be more satisfied after a few years. 

I will go out on a limb and say that the level of happiness that a lottery win will bring us is greatly affected by culture, values and current life situation. Let me elaborate on this with a personal list of 5 things that will or won’t make you happier after winning the lottery. 

  • You’re in a Difficult Financial Situation

Are you working double shifts to make everyday life go around or counting every penny to afford providing for your family? Then you’re probably living a harsh life where you massively depend on money. People that find themselves in difficult financial situations would most likely be a lot happier if they won the lottery as that would translate to less stress in their lives. The same wouldn’t necessarily apply to people who already have a decent amount of spare time and a job that they’re fine with. 

  • You Base Your Happiness in Material Things

If winning the lottery is all about purchasing a villa with a pool, a luxury yacht, getting a sports car and stacking up on god knows how many electronic gadgets, winning the lottery probably won’t have an impact on your level of happiness. You may refer to it as new age bullshit, but carried out studies support the notion that material things do not bring long term happiness. What they do is give us temporary joy.

  • You Don’t Really Know Your Friends and Family

Many of us want to believe that more money is the solution to all of our problems and completely neglect the fact that it can be the cause of some. You’ve surely heard stories about friends, family and even strangers trying to get a piece of the cake after someone has won a multi-million lottery jackpot? This could happen to you too and depending on your relationships it could cause a lot of mental distress.

If you aren’t secure in your relationships, which basically means truly knowing your friends and family and having complete trust in them, winning the lottery can cause a lot of distrust. Are your friends hanging out with you because they like to or are they doing it as an attempt to benefit from your riches? If you don’t know the answer to this question, winning the lottery probably won’t make you happier. 

  • You Have a Dream to Fulfill

Have you ever dreamt of being a scuba dive instructor in the Maldives? A notable rap star or a medical researcher? The saying goes that nothing is impossible, but many of us are in a situation where going after our dreams would be very difficult while also sustaining an income to survive.  

This is where winning the lottery can make a huge difference. It allows us to pursue our deepest dreams and if those dreams are true there’s no doubt that we will become happier. Simply because we’re able to do what we’re passionate about. 

  • You’re Not Living in a Safe Neighborhood or Country

It probably won’t come as a shock to you, but big piles of money attract the worst people; thieves, burglars, robbers, bandits, crooks – the problem has plenty of names. Now if you live in a country with a low crime rate and/or in an area that is very secure you probably have nothing to worry about. 

But if you don’t and word gets out that you have won the lottery, you may soon find yourself to be a victim. And even if it never actually happens, you may be the victim of yourself, constantly worrying that someone is going to assault you. 

  • To Conclude…

Winning the lottery is likely to improve your life situation, but it’s probably not the solution to everything. I personally hope to win big one day, but I also know that even if I do I have things to take care of if I want to find true happiness, which are unaffected by money.