5 Reasons Why Retail Stores Must Have a Custom Mobile App

The mobile applications have changed the conventional ways of doing business, so much that now a person can order almost anything and everything with just pressing a few buttons on their mobile device. 

The advent of the internet and the convergence of technologies have defied the conventional barriers of doing business. The ubiquity of the internet has brought the world to a single platform via websites and applications. 

The customers can now interact with your business at the click of a button. They can browse through your offerings and add the products they wish to purchase to the cart. The products can be then delivered to customers through logistic/courier services. Business paradigms have changed altogether over the last couple of decades. 

The convenience of commerce and trade offered by mobile applications has surpassed those of websites because of their uncluttered user interface. 

Further, the use of apps as mobile wallets and to give personalized marketing experiences such as push notifications based on locations gives users an immersive experience besides making them handy to use. 

Here a few reasons why retailers should build custom and dedicated apps for their business.

  1. Branding Channel

As the retail industry is growing saturated by the day, most retailers succumb to the cut-throat competition. It becomes increasingly necessary for retailers to be on top of their branding game. 

The digital space is ubiquitous and thus mobile applications prove to be a great tool for branding and penetrating deep into the market. The mobile applications are a great tool to keep your prospective customers intact and push offerings every now and then which would be hard for the customers to resist.

  1. Running loyalty program 

Loyalty cards always worked fine to boost sales and engagement. Loyalty programs make it possible to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and boost sales. They have proven to be very useful in selling the flagship products of various brands. 

When customers receive loyalty cards on their mobile via a custom app and get flagship products at discounted rates, customers are most likely to encash the opportunity. 

Thus Loyalty programs when coupled up with mobile apps act as a catalyst to marketing campaigns.

  1. Push Notifications and In-App Messages

This is perhaps the most important virtue of having a custom mobile app for retailers. Push notifications and in-app messages are not only known to boost sales but for offering a personalized experienced and curbing down the cart abandonment rate. 

The push notifications can send customized offers to the customers based on their location. The business can make the shopping experience more rewarding for customers by offering discounts or cashback at their nearest franchise to the customer’s location. 

  1. Gaining an edge over competitors 

Today, to break through the competition, retailers are building their custom and dedicated app so that the app can act as an interface between the prospective/actual customers and the business. Having a dedicated app sends a good signal to the customers that the business is no longer stuck in the past and is doing everything possible to serve its customers better. 

The truth, however, is that the retail segment is shifting to an omnichannel puzzle and thus to adapt to the changing business paradigms, it becomes increasingly necessary on the part of marketers to amplify their business. 

  1. Data analytics 

Mobile applications help the business to collect data with the help of built-in analytics. This data when produced in the form of reports and when processed with the help of technologies such as Big Data and app analytics gives you valuable insights into the user behavior and also a glimpse of how the user orientations are changing with the time. 

This helps the business to forecast the future and align itself according to the trends on the horizon. 

Many business owners have their reservations against custom app development because they are not acquainted with the technology. The custom app development could possibly give a blow to business’ finances (if not done diligently) and that’s why small businesses don’t find the idea intriguing.

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