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Facebook was launched in 2004 and has redefined the internet for everyone since then. Even though Instagram was not the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg, he brought the fastest-growing social media platform under his realm in 2012. 

Facebook and Instagram are like the two toppers of a class, always competing. Both constitute the top platforms, each having a competing fanbase of more than a billion users. 

Facebook has been present for longer, while Instagram has more active young users driving its popularity. Instagram gave birth to the influencer culture helping people gain popularity on social media.

 We can find almost all our relatives, cousins, and even grandparents on Facebook. Such a vast user base leads to a wider reach on social media in case of Facebook. 

Despite these changes and the latest technology, Facebook continues to ace ahead in the game. It laid the foundation and still stands firm on the ground. Continue reading to learn the top 5 ways in which Facebook is better than Instagram to date.

1) User Base 

They say that numbers speak for themselves. So, if we are to consider figures of active users, engagement rate, small businesses, etc., then Facebook is still the topper of the class. If the sources are correct, a new Facebook account is created every five seconds. My granny had two because she forgot the password of her previous account! With that, Facebook recorded 2.4 billion monthly active users as of June 2019.

In contrast, the famous photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram has just crossed the one billion mark in terms of users, with only 600 million daily active users. Thus we can safely say that Facebook guarantees a wider reach on social media. But why so? Continue reading as we explore.

2) Functionality

Facebook, since its inception, has offered users a variety of options, from photos, videos, and thoughts via simple texts, and with recent developments, stories too. Unlike Instagram, you can easily create a photo album carrying 100–200 images or even more. There is also no limit to the length of video that is uploaded. It even allows you to share your vacation spot via maps without having to share any pictures. 

Instagram, however, does not offer similar freedom. You can only upload 10 pictures per post and only a minute-long video. It is why many people post a single video in a series of videos but doesn’t that become boring?

3) Entrepreneurs

Businesses are now going online to expand their consumer base and gain popularity on social media. However, you must have seen the business pages on Instagram and Facebook. 

Instagram limits the amount of information you can share about your business. Despite switching to a business profile, the options remain limited. The bio has a bar on the maximum number of characters, which restricts you from explaining much.

Facebook, on the contrary, allows you to tell the world as much as you want. From sharing the location of your offline store, the things, contact details, commodities, date of establishment, new developments, etc., more information makes you appear more reliable and credible to the target audience.

4) Mobile Phone vs. PC Experience

Smartphones are a recent technological marvel. Before that, everyone was glued to their computer screens when it came to using Facebook. But this diligent student offers the same experience on a mobile phone as well as on a computer. It does not restrict or limit the features available while switching devices. However, one can witness the difference while using Instagram.

Not only are chatting options quite restricted, but you also cannot view reels and certain formats of posts. Well, the competition is tough!

5) Facebook stays a Step Ahead

Facebook makes the user experience personal. If you were ever on Facebook, you will recall Facebook reminding you of memory from 5 years ago or creating a beautiful animation of your pictures with a Facebook friend.

Does Instagram remind you of people’s birthdays? But Facebook has saved a lot of friendships with this reminder feature.

Another amazing and my favorite feature is the games. So you can play games on Facebook as well. Facebook ensures all-around satisfaction for its users.

The Instagram vs Facebook debate has been an old and popular one, yet we have a clear winner. However, this does not imply that Instagram is not the first choice of users to gain popularity on social media. Many businesses and brands have been able to ace their marketing game only because of Instagram.

The vibrant grid-like arrangement, the young user base present, and the increasing number of active users all contribute to making Instagram a crucial social media platform. 

Yet it is hard for any other social media platform to compete with Facebook its wide user base serves us with wider reach on social media.

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