5 Reasons to Move to Breckenridge in the New Year

The town is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It is a popular location for adventurers and adrenaline seekers. There are many facts about Breckenridge that make it stand out among many U.S. towns. It was established in 1859 after discovering gold along the Blue River. Initially, it was known as Colorado’s Kingdom.

Many people gather at Lomax Placer Mine during the summer for gold panning. This is one of the many historic sites in the town. It was one of the first places to allow snowboarding. Some popular films, including Dumb and Dumber, were filmed in Breckenridge. Here are the top 5 reasons to move to Breckenridge in the New Year:

You’ll Love the Breckenridge Culture

The town has a reputation as a tourist destination. One of the reasons for its popularity is its vibrant and artistic culture. In its long journey from a mining town to a ski town, the town has hosted prospectors, naturalists, and many more. Currently, it hosts many public events throughout the year.

A snow sculpture competition is organized during the winter and attracts individuals from all parts of the world. The event brings together some of the best athletes in snowboarding. Some of the world’s renowned bands visit the town, and you can find up to four concerts a week. Also, residents get an opportunity to purchase fine arts during several art fairs that take place throughout the year.

It Has a Resilient Real Estate Market

Colorado’s real estate sector has shown a positive growth rate, and Breckenridge has been especially resilient even during the COVID-19 crisis. Housing prices have continued to increase, and this trend is expected to continue. Most of the land in Summit County is public.

As a result, there is a limited supply, which works well for property owners as property value keeps rising since the supply exceeds the demand. According to experts, current developments in Breckenridge’s real estate market makes this the best time to invest in property in the town.

The current prices are lower than they would have been without the interruption of the current crisis. By taking advantage of that, you will save some money and earn more afterward if you decide to sell your investment.

You Get Free Rides!

Yes. This is one of the best parts of living in Breckenridge. You don’t need to worry about moving from one place to another if you don’t own a car in Breckenridge. This is because there’s a free bus system in the town. Most of the buses operate early morning until late at night.

You can enjoy the free rides to any part of the town as well as Copper and Keystone. There are 11 main routes for the public buses. Knowing them will make it easier for you to move around the town and the nearby areas.

Breckenridge Is Perfect for Raising a Family

If you are looking for a great place where you can raise your lovely family, then you should consider moving to Breckenridge in the New Year. The mountains in the area will provide many opportunities for you and your family to have fun. For example, your kids can engage in skiing or snowboarding during the winter, or they can go to the summer camp for several days.

A Variety of Dining Options for You

The town has about 2,200 developed acres, including 41 acres of public parks. It’s hundreds of food stores, bars, and shops that offer something for everyone. With so many options, it’s tough to identify the best spot to visit. Most residents prefer restaurants that offer American dishes. If you love Italian food, you can find it at some of the local hospitality joints.