5 Reasons To Gift Your Loved One Music Lessons

Everyone enjoys some type of music. Many find its melodic tones relaxing, capable of evoking powerful memories, and just plain inspiring. Therefore, it is not surprising that musicians are often remembered and revered.


In recognition of these facts, some would argue that one of the best Christmas gifts an individual could give to their loved ones this or any year are music lessons. Music lovers are encouraged to read on to learn five reasons why music lessons can be such a precious gift.


Self Expression


Music is the ultimate form of self-expresson. The great thing about music is that there are no established rules for how it should be played or interpreted.


Granted, there are certain basic elements musicians must learn. For example, all performers must possess the ability to read and understand notes. Moreover, every instrument will require the knowledge of elemental skills. A case in point is the guitar where the fundamental playing principles are known as chords.


That said, once basic comprehension is grasped, there are absolutely no limitations regarding what sounds can be created. In fact, many of the greatest instrumentalists are not only known for their virtuoso talent on a given instrument but the specific style and flair they brought or continue to bring when playing said contrivances.


Transfer Effect


Efforts such as learning to read music and mastering an instrument requires participants to be quite attentive. Such mandates often heighten an individual’s cognitive capacities like memory and concentration.


Psychologists and educational specialists maintain that sharpening these skills could yield a favorable outcome known as the transfer effect. Those in the know define this concept as one’s ability to transfer the skills attained from completing one activity and applying said attributes to other avenues.


Researchers have concluded this is especially true of youths who play instruments. Said scientific professionals found that reading music yields greater success in academic fields such as reading and math.


However, this philosophy does not merely apply to young people. Adults who devote appreciable time to musical pursuits are believed to experience heightened reasoning and analytical skills.




Numerous musical advocates also maintain that such educational undertakings increase one’s self-esteem. Music builds this inner like and belief in oneself on certain notable counts.


First, music mastery is not simple and mandates pursuers devote a significant amount of time and sweat equity into gradually improving their skills.


Granted, some people are born with inane musical talent. However, such attributes mean little and will often yield few results if said subjects do not continually practice and harness those capacities.


Reaching the stage where a musician is even considered good is a notable and commendable feat. Therefore, achieving such a goal can elicit a tremendous sense of self-pride and accomplishment.


Additionally, from a social standpoint, musicians are often popular amongst their peers. People typically admire learned musicians for several reasons.


On one count, said individuals create such wonderful sounds. Moreover, mostly everyone realizes just how difficult becoming proficient in a musical endeavor is. Ergo, musicians are usually well-respected.


Pure Enjoyment


Music may be hard work. However, said effort can also be fun.


The opportunity to crank out sounds, melodies, and tunes often never yields dull moments. Moreover, many musicians perform in bands and orchestras. Such gatherings provide the opportunity to share similar experiences with likeminded individuals and create lasting relationships.


Furthermore, few activities prove to be a more constructive or productive outlet. When pursuers face rough days or challenging circumstances, they can turn to their music as a positive outlet to channel such feelings in an enjoyable way.


Lifetime Benefits

Unlike Christmas gifts such as clothes, games, or even electronic devices, music lessons will never grow old or outdated. The opportunity to study an instrument, take vocal lessons or follow any other musical endeavor is a precious gift that could result in lifetime benefits.