5 Reasons to get dental implants in Poland


The cost of dental implants in Poland is just one of many reasons why people travel from all over the world to get dental implants in Poland.  

Getting a dental implant is a life-changing procedure that can improve your life quality by providing you with a prosthesis that looks and feels like a natural tooth. 

However, the fact that dental implants are made of expensive materials and the dentists who perform the procedure must be highly specialized, means that the costs are highly expensive, at least in the UK.

That’s why many British have started to look for more affordable solutions and there is an alternative in particular that has been gaining popularity: Dental tourism, most specifically, dental tourism in Poland.

There are many reasons why Poland is so popular and we will talk about the main ones. Let’s start with the most relevant for patients, the prices.

1)Cost of dental implants in Poland

Poland has earned an international reputation for the quality-price ratio of their dental care, that’s the main reason why thousands of people visit the country every year, and probably the most requested treatment by international patients is dental implants. 

In comparison to the UK prices, you can save around 40% to 50% on your dental implants by getting them in Poland.  

A dental implant cost in the Uk starts from £2,000 to  £2,500, while in Poland the same treatment will cost you from £500 to £2,000. 

Full mouth dental implants treatment in Poland cost from £4,000 to £9,000 while in the UK the prices start from £7,000 to £28,000. 

We must highlight that affordable prices are possible due to the low cost of living in Poland which allows dentists to provide more affordable prices without damaging their income, this is not possible in an expensive country like the UK. 

2) High-quality dental care

It is very normal to think that lower prices mean lower quality, but it is quite the opposite when we talk about dental care in Poland. 

Another very frequent reason why many people decide to go to Poland to get dental implants is the high quality of polish dental care. 

Dentistry in Poland follows the European Union guidelines, so it is very similar to the UK dental care, but besides this, the Polish government exercises strict controls over all types of dental practices since the dental tourism industry is a relevant part of the country’s economic activity.

One of the many requirements for practising dentistry is a commitment to continuing education.

3) Polish dentists are well educated

Most of the polish dentist get their degrees and specializations abroad, in countries like the Uk or the USA, that’s why most of them have international qualifications, furthermore, Poland requires its dentists to complete a series of academic updates and training each year to preserve their right to legally practice dentistry in the country.

Dentists and clinic staff in Poland also communicate in English very well, since most of their patients come from English-speaking countries. So, communication should never be a problem for British patients. 

4) Modern facilities and medical equipment

Due to the need to stay at the forefront, dental clinics in Poland are constantly innovating in terms of medical equipment and infrastructure. Some clinics are specifically designed for dental tourism and have facilities to host their international patients as well as recreational areas and transportation services.

All these details contribute to creating an excellent experience for patients who usually agree that dental services in Poland are even better than in their home countries.

5) Ideal destination for a dental holiday

One of the advantages of Poland compared to other dental tourism destinations is its proximity to the UK, you can take a flight to Poland, get your dental treatment and then fly back home.

But if you are one of those who prefer to enjoy the full experience, Poland has hundreds of tourist areas that you can enjoy while simultaneously improving your smile.

Some relevant information is that, just like dental care, accommodation and flights to Poland are really affordable, so even if you pay extra expenses, getting dental implants in Poland will still be more affordable than in the UK.