5 Reasons to Get an Italian Passport in 2021

Get an Italian Passport in 2021


People love to live in Italy to enjoy its amazing weather and healthy food. For those who want to keep themselves away from chemically processed food items, Italy is the best country to live in. Other than this, there are many reasons for what people wish to live in Italy which will be discussed in this post in detail.

The foremost point is that how you can get an Italian Passport in 2021. The answer is quite simple but, the procedure and requirements are important. These are:-

  • Valuing and following the laws set by the Italian government is a must.
  • If you are a non-national/foreigner and desire to get an Italian passport/citizenship, then you must have an Italian descent.
  • If you’re an investor and investing in a business that is set up in Italy, through this factor you can get a passport but you must be an owner of a residency in Italy.
  • If you have succeeded to find your better half who is an Italian citizen, then you can get an Italian passport easily.

Regarding this, check out this article about Italian passport application.
Let’s move towards the reasons for the wish to get an Italian Passport in 2021:

  • Diverse opportunities to work/earn:

If someone owns Italian citizenship/passport, then he/she would get valid working permission for almost 27 states that are members of the EU (European Union). By this, you will earn a good living and will be able to feed your family well.

  • Studying opportunity:

If you succeed to get an Italian passport, you will get a chance to study in Italy. Most degrees and programs in Italy are in the English language that is globally recognized and affordable. They have a greater value and graduates having a degree from Italy get paid well by employers worldwide.

  • Authorization for movement:

Italian passport holders have legal permission to move around entire Europe freely anytime and anywhere. As we all know that there are many beautiful places to explore in Europe, so get an Italian passport will make you fly to Europe.

  • Authorization of Dual nationality:

Despite having any other citizenship, Italian laws do not force you to leave your original nationality to get the Italian passport. Isn’t it seem attractive? Obviously yes, because if you are an outsider and want to retain your original identity then it is a great thing about allowing the dual-citizenship.

  • Business and tax:

If you get an Italian passport and started any business or real estate service, you will get the same relaxations related to tax and business as they allow to the born-in-Italy people.

  • Further reasons:

Some more reasons are:-

  • Complete health and educational facilities for self and family.
  • Widespread business opportunities after getting an Italian passport.
  • You can get a chance to avail golden visa of Italy for permanent citizenship.

Hopefully, this post will help you a lot if you are fond of Italy, its culture, and want to get settled there. The easiest option is that you get married to some Italian national person. Remember, this benefit can be available for bachelors only. Are you?