5 Reasons to Buy A Chiropractic Table

A chiropractor is a specialized physician that treats patients through spinal manipulation with the aim of easing pain in the joints and muscles. Chiropractors use various techniques for chiropractic care to help clients achieve their goals. Most of these techniques require chiropractic tables.

Chiropractic tables are designed based on the specific treatment and therapies. There are different types of chiropractic tables a chiropractor can use when having a session with a client. Examples of these tables include flexion-distraction tables, stationary drop tables, chiropractic portable tables, Hylo tables, and elevation tables. The difference between and another is the features and the technology used. A chiropractor needs to have at least one chiropractic table. Below are 5 reasons why you need one.

1. Makes a patient comfortable when receiving treatment

A high-quality chiropractic table provides comfort to patients and makes them feel relaxed. When the patient is comfortable, it will be easy for the doctor to easily and safely perform the treatment. The traction table relieves pain in patients and makes them remain stable during therapy treatment.

2. Use less force in treatment

Chiropractic treatment is solely dependent on the doctor’s hands. After working for a long time, you may need relief from wrists, finger stiffness, and sores. Sometimes you may need your back to rest after bending over on the patient. A flexion-distraction table can make your work easier as it uses gravity to control adjustments. The table operates manually and automatically.

3. Easy access to a client

When performing therapy, you need to access a client easily for better results. The use of chiropractic tables such as the Hi-Lo tables makes the process easier because they are adjustable. You can place the patient in a proper position and lock the table into place effortlessly. You can also work around the table while performing therapies.

4. Warm-up patients before treatment

Patients with back pain and neck pain need to receive noninvasive treatment such as massage before the main session. Some chiropractic tables, such as the massage roller table, are designed to perform noninvasive treatments. This table loosens tight muscles before a chiropractic adjustment. The process makes the adjustment easier and aligns the patient’s muscles and joints correctly.

5. They act as waiting positions

When you see more than one patient, there are intervals where you need to set up the therapy room for the next patient. The preparation may take 10 to 20 minutes. You can set up a massage table where patients can wait as they relax their muscles. This makes the patient feel comfortable and not neglected in that environment. You will keep your patients and attract more when you treat them well. In return, your reputation is enhanced as they recommend others to visit you.

What to consider when purchasing chiropractic tables

1. Type of technique

The type of technique depends on the kind of patients you see regularly. For example, if most of your patients are disabled, you need to get a chiropractic table to make them comfortable receiving their treatment.

2. Maintenance

The maintenance level of a chiropractic table varies from one type to the other. The cost of maintenance should not be too high. A flexion-distraction table needs more maintenance to ensure all the moving parts are in operation. If they are not well-maintained, their quality may be affected due to the worn-out or stuck parts.

3. Cost

Chiropractic tables are a large investment. It’s important to have a budget before you make the purchase. Comparing and contrasting reputable manufacturers to get a table at an affordable price. Put Balance between quality and costs to get a good product.