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5 Really Interesting Films

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Movies are a great way to spend time with yourself, a loved one or friends. But if it seems to you that you have watched all the movies, you should read the list below in the article.

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After the death of his wife, Stefan moves his eight-year-old daughter Victoria to their house in the mountains. The girl is sad, does not communicate with her father at all and does nothing but listen to her mother’s favorite music. Everything changes when, during a walk, an old shepherd gives her a cute puppy named Secret.

For the sake of his daughter, Stefan agrees to leave him, but he doesn’t understand dogs at all, so he didn’t even realize right away that a real wolf had settled in their house. Soon Victoria and the Secret become inseparable, but the cute dog is growing by leaps and bounds. What will happen when Stefan realizes that his daughter is raising a predator?

Home Team

After accusations of foul play, the career of the famous coach of the football team, Sean Payton, went downhill and he decides to return to the roots to the roots, to Texas. Here he hopes to reflect on his life, and at the same time to see how his son Connor is growing up, who is being raised by his ex-wife with her new husband.

To the disappointment of his father, the boy does not make contact, because he has not been around for too long. Maybe it was worth coming to terms with this and returning to New Orleans, but then Sean sees how incompetent Connor is playing football and decides to stay to help his school team succeed. At the same time, he gets a chance to reconsider his life priorities.

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Where the Crawdads Sing

1969. In the town of Barkley Cove, residents pass on the legend of the mysterious swamp girl from mouth to mouth. Her name is Kaya Clark, and she has been living as a hermit in a house in the swamps since her youth. Not everyone has the guts to do this, but it turns out that I’m not a coward. Apparently, the police also thought so: when the sheriff finds the corpse of a local guy in those places, the girl is immediately accused of murder.

Lawyer Tom Milton is going to defend Miss Clark at the upcoming trial. He really wants to help, so he asks her to tell a little about herself so that the jury can get to know her better. Kaya reluctantly begins to talk about herself, starting from afar, since childhood.

The Northman

As a boy, Amled witnessed the death of his father King Orvandill, and now all he dreams of is to avenge him and free his mother. Twenty years later, having fought side by side with berserkers, Amled matured and became known as invincible. Now he is not a cub, but a real wolf, who is quite capable of revenge, but he does not yet know how to do it.

Once in a ruined village, he meets a witch who pushes him to action with her prediction. Guided by the spirits of the North, Amled boards a ship departing for Iceland…


A successful actor named Daniel lives with his family in the center of Berlin, in a luxurious house with an elevator directly to the apartment, and does not pay attention to the people around him at all. And they pay attention to him, of course, and the hero is very flattered. If a fan approaches him, he will gladly give an autograph or take a picture with him as a keepsake.

One day, before an important casting for the role of a superhero in a Hollywood blockbuster, Daniel runs into his favorite bar for coffee, and meets a stranger who asks him for an autograph. But he does it without respect, which is not very pleasant. Word by word, they got to talking and it turned out that the stranger knows a lot about him, but is in no hurry to put all the cards on the table, playing with him like a cat with a mouse.

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