5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Art Storage Facility


Many emerging art collectors are clueless about where they should keep their brand-new artworks. Unless you have a fully equipped room for your art collection in your home, you are most likely going to learn a thing or two about art storage warehouses. 

Storage facilities have long become a reasonable and effective alternative for collectors. Considering all the benefits you get, you wouldn’t find a sounder choice for the money you pay. But before you fly yourself into renting the first storage unit that you come across on the Internet, you have to be well aware of what makes a good and safe fine art storage facility. For this, you will need the following five questions that you should ask a manager before making the final choice. 

5 questions to ask when choosing an art storage facility

  1. Are your storage units climate-controlled? 

Make sure you choose climate-controlled storage, not just temperature-controlled one. The difference is that the first type implies temperature and humidity control, while the latter ignores humidity level. Both parameters are vital for the safe storage of your artworks, especially when it comes to high-risk, delicate items such as textiles or artworks made of wood. If you don’t want your fine art to lose its quality over time, you’d rather opt for a climate-controlled unit.

  1. Is your storage insured? 

Similar to art, every art storage must be fully approved by an insurance company. If the storage service provider hesitates to answer this question or tries to duck it, it is already a red flag. To check whether the space is insured, you can request a facility report. Please take notice that some facilities won’t accept your artworks unless they are insured. Nowadays, art insurance is a must.

  1. What safety measures do you have? 

The primary goal of an art storage warehouse is to ensure the safety and integrity of your art. First and foremost, ask whether the facility is prepared for emergencies. If yes, then how? The thing is that it should be well secured against natural disasters and thieves. When the security system is not strong enough, the chances are that you could pay for it sooner or later. That’s why foolproof security measures always matter. 

  1. Is your staff professional? 

There is a huge difference between experienced art handlers and amateurs. Since every piece of art should be treated with a good deal of care and love, the warehouse staff must consist of qualified specialists rather than ordinary movers. Even small negligence can lead to horrible results, so you better be very selective. If you need additional proofs, you can ask for a certificate if there is one, of course. Also, pay close attention to the company’s experience because this factor does say a lot about professionalism.

  1. Do you provide art logistics services? 

As it happens, many companies offer a surprising variety of additional services, such as fine art shipping, crating, and packing. If you are lucky enough to encounter such a team of versatile experts, you can greatly benefit from it. Such a company will help you organize safe art transportation to/from the storage unit, meaning that you won’t need to look for other services. It’s a win-win.

Need more answers?

Never hesitate to ask as many questions as you need. A clear understanding of what you get when renting an art storage facility and what difficulties may arise in the future is indeed essential. Consider these five questions as must-ask questions, as they can give you the key information about the warehouse. If there are more, you should appease your curiosity without hesitation.