5 Most Scary Dark Web Stories

As we all know, the dark web is a terrifying place on the internet. But have you ever thought what some of the creepiest stories of the dark web is that has made it infamous among internet users? Well, today in this article, we’ll find it out- 

The Internet is full of stories about the dark web. And selecting some of the scariest was a bit tough for us. However, we somehow managed to curate five of the most frightening dark web stories for you.

Although, to determine whether these stories are real or just fake is not possible at all. The stories based on supernatural concepts are probably nothing more than a twisted fantasy, but it depends on your personal belief when it comes to miracles and magic. While other stories might be real and might have happened with the storyteller, but it’s not easy to believe in them, and we can consider them as hoaxes only. After all, it’s tough to believe in something they claim they’ve seen about the thing that was never as they are telling you.

So, we don’t claim whether these chilling stories are real or fake. Instead, we let it on you to decide which one is real and which one is a fictional story. Share your views in the comment section below and without any further ado, let’s get started-

How To Cook A Woman

The very first story was reported by a Reddit user baconboyloiter where he mentioned-

“We usually get bored while surfing the internet and we make so many clicks just to get something unusual. One day we were browsing the dark web, and we found one of the most disturbing sites where the author shared a comprehensive guide on how to cook a woman. We’re not talking about jokes here. That page had detailed information on what body parts to be cut, how to prepare these cuts so that the girl could live as long as possible.

It was terrific. I mean people are way worse than just their criminal mindsets, and it horrifies me.”

Daisy’s Destruction

The only sad part of this dark web story is, it’s not a fascinating fictional story. It is a true story. The creator, Peter Scully, is now going to face the death penalty because of his crime.

This video has been widely discussed on Reddit and so many other forums and consider as one of the worst things the internet can offer us. So, it was a story of three girls. The youngest one was Daisy, and she was just 18 months old.

In the video, a naked masked woman tortured these three girls. It purportedly showed that the girls being tied upside down and brutally beaten and sexually assaulted with sex toys by that woman. That woman was the girlfriend of Peter Scully, who met him when she was a child prostitute. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it was the most horrifying and the worst video on child pornography.

This video was streamed on so many ‘hurt core’ paedophile sites of the dark web, and users paid up to $10,000 to watch this video. It shows how worse someone’s mindset could be.

They See Us

The next story was shared by a Reddit user fake_fakington where he wrote-

“It was before Google when most of the web pages on the internet used most of their part as very basic HTML with some Javascript. Hardly anyone used CSS. Only some discussion boards and banking sites were using a combination of front-end/back-end development. Early deep web stories were not about illicit activities.”

He further adds, “I was browsing random web pages, blogs, and was going from one link to another on the deep web. Suddenly I came across a page where random people shared their thoughts. Though the messages seem to be encrypted like people trying to pass secret notes and I started through the source, and I found so many IP addresses hidden behind the javascript.

I gathered all the IPs in a text file and started enumerating. Some of theme were routers with banner messages I could telnet to – almost all the universities (‘Warning! This is a secure system at University of XYZ…). The default CISCO credentials were worked on most of them, but I didn’t poke around. A few of their IPs were web servers with very less content, mostly Apache on Linux or similar BSD, at least one IIS server I can recall.”

Then he adds, “I finally came across a web server with a massive directory of TIFF images and HTML files with a few smaller subdirectories containing similar content. nslookup returned no reverse records of the IP, though a VisualRoute can trace it to Colorado. The HTML files appeared to be the records of a psychologist, or mental health professional would keep. Most of the images were faxes, apparently of both medical and military nature.

When I returned from the subdirectory to the parent, I saw a new HTML file name ‘1-.HELLO-THERE.html.’ When I open that file, I saw a plain text quoting message ‘we see you.’ No quotes and all lowercase words. Just after 15 seconds later, the server dropped.”

The Red Room Girl

The dark web is infamous among internet users. Though there is no such evidence that can prove their authenticity. And believing these are real or just hoaxes, are totally up to you.

So, the very famous red room story was of a girl who is patiently sitting on a chair and waiting for their audiences to log in. After she got some viewers, she starts talking to the camera and says “What would you like me to do and how much are you gonna pay for that?”

Now it seems like a usual question, but her audiences know the real meaning of these words. Then one anonymous viewer writes, “Cut Yourself, and pays $XXXXX .” Just after that, the girl picks a knife from the table and slices deeply across her forearm.

After seeing this, other viewers started writing like hungry dogs, and within a few minutes, she was sporting bruises, so many cuts and even a partially gouged-out eye.

Clearly, there was nothing more she can do, and the orders stopped. Now all the viewers were eagerly waiting for what she was going to do next. After that, the girl picks the knife again and made the last cut, and the picture fades out.

Now I know it seems like a fascinating fiction story, but still, so many dark web users believe in it. Now it’s up to you what do you think about it. Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Wrong Drug Deal

This story floated around Reddit, and it was presented as it has happened with a friend of the sharer. So, he starts the story mentioning about his friend, who was a keen customer of the dark web markets. It means he can buy almost anything from stolen goods to hardcore poisons and drugs.

One day, when he was looking to buy drugs, he met a new seller that had never sold him anything before. It was good so far until this asshole gave his real address to a dark web drug dealer. Along with this bone-headed move, he asked the seller to deliver the drug in a disguised case so that his mom couldn’t find it suspicious.

Later at the time of delivery, my friend gets a not on his door mentioning “The deal has been compromised and if he wants the goods, he needs to meet him on a neutral location.” Since it’s a bit common on these kinds of deals, he didn’t think twice and headed over to the proposed location to take the delivery.

After arriving at the proposed spot, our hero noted a man in the Jeep. The number plate of the Jeep was covered with duct tape. He took it lightly, and after taking the delivery, he left the place. After a few minutes, he realised the Jeep is still following him. Now he freaked out, and went to the Jeep and showed him the receipt.

After that, he reached home, and everything seemed well except his mom wasn’t anywhere. When heading over her room, he figured an armed man with a knife. He tried instigating a knife fight with that figured man, but the mysterious man ran away.

However, his mom was found with a slit throat and 23 stab wounds. And her mouth was covered with the same duct tape that he saw on the number plate of the Jeep. And this is the reason why morons shouldn’t visit the dark web to buy illegal stuff.


Internet is full of dark web stories, but most of them are entirely fake. However, I curated this article with five most horrifying stories that I think could be real. Now I don’t say these are the real stories or fake ones, and I leave it totally on you. 

Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.