5 Most Delicious Cakes for Your Ice-Cream Craving Lady Love!

The cake is one of the best items to eat, there are a number of cakes available across the globe. There are huge number of variety available such as baked cake, cream cake, and many more cakes, but currently, people like to eat the ice cream cake as it is very nice in taste. It is available in various flavors and easy to make, there are a number of online portals also available so that you can order it and get delivered at your doorstep. Mostly women love to have cake whether it’s a birthday or not. 

Here are the 5 most delicious cakes for your ice-cream craving lady love:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake

This is one of the simple cake, you have to crush the cookies, and add it into the melted butter and just place it into the pan. Spread 3/4 cups of fudge topping over the crust and freeze it for 15/20 mins. Just soften the ice cream into the microwave and after the crust got chilled pour all the ice cream into the fudge layer and then freeze it again for 30 mins and then drizzle the fudge topping over the icecream Layer. The scoop of the remaining ice cream over fudge layer and chilled it till it becomes firm. Crush some cookies over it and garnish with some cheery. It is easy to make and it looks awesome. 

2. Layer Ice Cream Cake

Layer cake is the most popular cake currently people like to eat, it is easy to prepare, you just needed a slice of bread, completely cover this bread with the raspberry sorbet, ice cream of your choice, completely chopped chocolate wafer cookies, place all such things in a sequence and make a proper layers with the help of different kinds of bread in every layer, pour some melted ice cream on it at the end. You can also buy birthday cakes online from the online portals if you are not able to make it at home.

3. Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

Peanut butter ice cream cake is a cake which is specially made for people who like to eat something chocolaty, peanuty and creamy. This cake consists of all these things which can be enjoyable when you eat it. This cake consists a lot of peanut butter along with cream, when the melted ice cream is poured on it, after freezing it gives a nice flavor. This cake is very delicious and chocolaty. There are more simple ice cream cake ideas are available but this cake is awesome to eat. You can check more details about ice-cream cake near me online, you will get details about it.

4. Fudgy Ice Cream Cake

If you are an ice cream lover but looking for something in dessert, then it would be the best option. Fudgy ice cream cake does not only look good in appearance but it is also easy to prepare at home. If you want the ice cream to be soft enough to work with soft and the icy cakes, then it will be a perfect choice. Either you can buy it online or you can simply be prepared at your home. Now you can send cakes online with the help of online portals.

5. Tin Roof Ice Cream Cake

Birthday is always special and it is incomplete without cake, so if you are looking for a birthday cake for the birthday celebration then this cake will be the absolutely perfect option. In this, you will get a sweet, salty crunchy and peanut butter-y ice cream. You can check the recipe online or you can order it online. It will be a perfect option of cake for any occasion and loved by all age people. It is one of the simple ice-cream cake ideas that you can prepare at home or order online.

There are a number of ice cream cakes available in the market, you can also order it online and if you want to make it at home, then you can make it but the professional can make cake easily which is tasty and delicious. Most of the people whether a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, all like to eat cake. There are a number of occasions where people like to eat cake or ice cream cake.