5 meditation tools that can improve your experience


Meditation is one of the oldest ways people have used to train their minds. This age-long practice offers tremendous benefits for all its practitioners.

Although many people confuse it with yoga, they’re not the same. Yoga is just one of the many ways people can meditate. Other kinds of meditation include Metta, Progressive, Zen, and Transcendental.

The aim of Yoga is usually to help people achieve mental clarity, emotional calmness, and all-around stability.

Most meditation practices frown on objects because they can cause distractions. However, there is a select group of tools that can do the opposite. These tools are part of the years of evolution of several meditational practices and have been found to help people achieve focus.

Here are some of the yoga tools you should be adding to your cart next time you shop: 

  • Meditation seats: If you frequently practice seated meditation, specialized seats are an investment you want to make. Sitting for a long time in regular meditation positions like lotus or sezia can become uncomfortable. That discomfort can affect your sessions. Meditation seats come in different sizes and shapes, but they can help promote proper posture and alignment. They’re effective at reducing the discomfort during seated meditation practices.
  • Incense: Incense is a common tool for most ancient religions and for a good reason too. It is adepts at helping people relax, increase focus and reduce stress. It also has multiple spiritual connotations. Outside of the calming smell, the light on incense can also serve as a focal point for someone looking to meditate. Focusing on the light can help you clear your thoughts and achieve calmness.
  • Malas: These are wearable items that come either as necklaces or wristbands. Malas usually contain 108 beads, consisting of one larger bead and two smaller ones. The beads can help you stay focused when reciting your mantras, with each bead representing one mention. They can also be used when breathing to help the mind focus. You can check Japa beads for some beautiful malas. 
  • Singing bowls: These bowls are usually used in vibrational sound healing. They usually take the shape of standing or inverted bells and are played by either striking them or rotating a mallet outside the rim. The sounds produced by these bowls are thought to have calming and healing properties. Some research from the University of Illinois showed that low-intensity sounds might contribute to the regeneration of tissues in the body.
  • Bells: Bells are an excellent way to draw our attention to important issues; that is why they are an ideal fit for periodic meditation. You don’t even need to get physical bells. There are several apps with meditation bells that ring during pre-set times. These apps can help you remember to control your attention or breath at specific times of the day.  


Tools are not always necessary to get your session started. However, if you find yourself struggling with getting into a focused state without support, the list in this article gives you a good place to start.