5 Marketing Tips to Remember When Designing a Mailout

Mailout is still one of the best marketing tools. Therefore, it must be carefully planned, organized, and designed by an expert. Marketing campaigns support the best mailout designs, and so they must be designed with your goals and strategy in mind to ensure their purpose is fulfilled. Likewise, you must understand who your audience is; then define your budget based on production suggestions. Once you have a clear picture of your target audience and production cost, involve the designer. Then you can send it on to the printer. Below are five tips to remember when designing an effective mailout.


Prepare a Great Copy


The purpose of the mailout is to persuade the audience to buy your services or products. You may offer a special deal or a coupon with your mailing, but at the end of the day, your argument is what will persuade the audience to try out your services. Hence, your copy should be straightforward and clear as to why the reader should take a specific action. Similarly, it should be informative such that even just by skimming, the reader gets the intended message. Use paragraph breaks to create an easy scan path for your audience. Your opening paragraph should not have more than eleven words. It is recommended to use short phrases and sentences throughout the paragraph. A paragraph should not have more than seven lines to keep the conciseness of your copy.


Work on Your Tag Line


Catchy taglines can be achieved by writing your copy first to emphasize keywords and phrases that will further enhance your argument. Your headline should be bold and powerful for it to tell your story and sell your offers. Subheads within the text guide your audience through the content as they highlight most of the crucial points. Remember not to compromise the quality of the copy for the sake of large tag lines. Your tag lines will interest your audience, but it’s the copy’s quality that will help them make informed decisions.


Use the Right Font Size


Your mailout’s selling point is the copy; therefore, it should be easily readable for its effectiveness. Most of the time, designers prefer exotic fonts, but it can hinder your goal if readers cannot comprehend it by just a glance. It’s acceptable for your heading to be creative, but the body of your mailout should be readable. The simpler the font, the higher the readability. To determine which size to use, consider the appearance, content, space, timing, visibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is possible to use different contrasting types of font in your design, but they should not exceed three.


Play with colors


It’s a misconception that using flashy colors will grab your customer’s attention. Many mailout designs use this concept, but the bottom line is that most of the time, it ends up as junk mail without even being read. It is advisable to use the proven selling colors like red, orange, and yellow instead of trendy colors. Your background and text colors should have high contrast and not too clashing. Invest in colors that will invoke the reader’s emotions; for example, red symbolizes excitement, power, or passion, while orange stands for balance, adventure, or creativity.


Design with your Preferred Postage in Mind


The size and shape of the mailout should be put into consideration in the design. It is essential to compare the cost of producing and mailing different formats. Different formats have varying price tags. Therefore, it would be prudent if you choose the format before the design. It is also crucial not to clutter your message with many unnecessary designs. The simpler the format, the easier it becomes for the audience to read and comprehend.