5 main rules for playing football

Football is one of the world’s oldest sports; it is also one of the most well-known. Some basic rules for playing football include team sizing, substitutes, and forfeits, etc. likely, the 5 essential rules are discussed in this article, which proves to be an essential helper in maintaining your football skills.

The general goal timing in football is to score more goals than the rival in a 90-minute time frame. The match will be broken in two half’ each half of 45 minutes. After the first 45 minutes, the players will take a 15 minute rest period called a half time interval.

5 essential rules include:


Usually, more than five players on the pitch for each side (six teams per 6-a-side team).

The game can be played officially with four players on the pitch for one team.

If a team arrives with less than 3 of their original players or the referee steps in, then the other side must decide BEFORE kick-off if they want the result to be counted towards the rankings or if they want to play the game as a friendly one. This decision must be clear to both teams.


Teams are in charge of the legal team until 10 minutes after the appointed start time. It is essential if the game is to be played as a kindly before beginning to reduce the duration of the game to time scales.


The results will be awarded as follows within league games: 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 1 point for a loss, and 0 points for a forfeit. Play-offs drawn are decided on penalties.

The Rule OF Free Kicks!

One of the confusing rules in football is the ‘Quick-Free Kick.’ QuickFree-kicks are different than Ceremonial Free-Kicks. Here the attacking team can get the advantage – and it does not require any verbal or visual notification to the referee. Plus the player must have a distance of 10 yards.

On the other hand, in ceremonial free kicks, the player can only hit the ball on the whistle of the referee. It is granted if or when the:

  • The trainer is required on the field, 
  • The referee decides to slow down the game tempo,
  • Red/Yellow card is given on the previous kick, or
  • The attacking team enforces a 10 yards distance.

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Only the designated goalkeeper is permitted within the target area. Two players can only be in a switchover area. If there are two players in the target area during an opposition shot, a penalty will be given. Make switches as quickly as possible.

If the goalkeeper leaves the area during play for any reason, the opposing team will be penalized. 

If an attacker crosses the target area, a goal kick is awarded. If the attacker’s foot is inside while shooting, the target will be disallowed.

Goalkeepers can roll, throw, or kick out. We are not allowed to throw the ball above head height or overarm it. If the goalkeeper throws, kicks, or bounces the ball overhead height, the opposing team will be given an indirect free kick off spot.