5 Landmark Super Bowl moments

The Super Bowl is never short of compelling action and breathtaking moments.

Ever since the first matchup in 1967, the conclusion to each year’s football season often has a lot to live up to, but rarely disappoints.

The buildup of the previous year’s season, the wild-card games, and the promise of scintillating action – both on and off the pitch –   promises snapshots that become legend. 

Here are 5 stunning moments from the Super Bowl. 

Vince Lombardi, Super Bowl 2, 1968

Lombardi was the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers during the 1960’s, when he led them to an incredible run of seven titles within nine years. 

Super Bowl 2 saw Green Bay of the NFL comprehensively defeat the AFL’s Oakland Raiders 33-14 in the city of Miami.

The Packers secured the win through a dominating performance inspired by their MVP quarterback Bert Starr, who produced one touchdown and completed 13 of 24 passes.

Kicker Don Chandler was another bright performer. He scored three field goals in the first half and another in the second. 

But it was Lombardi who made all the headlines. His winning players held him aloft and carried him off the pitch on their shoulders on their way to claim the trophy in a picture-perfect celebration

The award was officially renamed the Vince Lombardi trophy in 1970, following the passing of the winning coach of the first two Super Bowls due to cancer. 

Dolphins’ Perfect Season, Super Bowl 7, 1972 

The Miami Dolphins are still the only team to go undefeated throughout an entire season of the NFL.

The proud feat came pretty close to being lost in a flash though. In a case of a slip-up becoming just as well-known as a match-winner, the Dolphins came within a whisker of throwing it all away.

In the final match-up with the Washington Redskins, the Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian misjudged a blocked field goal and tried to throw a forward pass instead of covering the ball.

He fumbled and lost control, the ball flailing wildly. 

The Redskins cornerback Mike Bass gratefully caught it, and returned the favor by converting it into a touchdown, his side’s only points for the whole game.

The Miami dominated game then became nail-bitingly close, but they managed to eke out the remaining seconds to secure their record-making win.  

Tom Brady Stars for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Wild Card Round, 2021

Tampa marched into contention through this playoff round largely thanks to the imposing figure of veteran match-winner Tom Brady.

The 43-year-old Quarterback drastically improved his side’s Super Bowl odds with a glittering display of competitive spirit and finesse.

Brady scored two touchdowns in the 31 – 23 victory over Washington Football Team, marking his recent arrival from New England as an incredibly valuable one for the Bucs.  

Brady has a history of playoff wins from his time with the Patriots, and this one helped bring the tally up to 31. As the season reaches its conclusion, this result bore witness to the legendary match-day performer living up to his reputation. 

The Fridge’s TD, Super Bowl 20, 1986

William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry is a name forever associated with Super Bowl of 1986 between The Fridge’s Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots.

The audience would watch in awe as rookie lineman Perry, standing at 340 pounds, triumphantly became an unstoppable juggernaut taking the ball over the line.

Perry’s nickname originally came from a university photograph of him standing next to a fridge. The player’s frame was so large that he completely blocked it out.

Since the spectacular TD, Perry became an even bigger star. He became a household name, and was well known even to non-football fans. 

The Fridge’s awesome TD also had a huge effect on the betting industry. The surprising points cost Las Vegas hundreds of thousands of dollars on prop bets on The Fridge to score. 

3 Touchdowns in 36 Seconds, Super Bowl 35, 2001 

As Baltimore Ravens’ defensive back Duane Stark raced across the pitch to record a devastating touchdown, few would expect everything to change quite so quickly. 

But it did, with the New York Giants responding with their sole touchdown of the game from Ron Dixon, racing 97 yards in the process. 

The Ravens then notched up another super-fast TD, this time thanks to Jermaine Lewis. 

Incredibly this all took placed in a blistering 36 seconds of play. 

Baltimore Ravens went on to complete a 34 – 7 win, well within the top 10 of biggest margins of victory ever. But in those incredible moments the whole world of football held its breath. The audience experienced exactly what is possible on the pitch. 

The Super Bowl is a huge occasion that sees the two most in-form sides meet up for a spell-binding match-up. As we can see from the above, nothing can be taken for granted. 

Expect the unexpected could be a calling card for the end of season finale. But whatever happens in Tampa in February, you can bet we’ll all be tuning in and watching every detail.