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5 Industries That Thrived During The Pandemic

Overall, the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease affected almost everyone in the world. Even first-world countries were caught off-guard and were not able to control the after-effects of the pandemic, and not just the disease itself. It has affected the world on a global scale economically, socially, and even emotionally as the changes it suddenly brought caused distress to a lot of people, too. Still, as the saying goes, you can always look at things in a positive light, if you want to. For some people, the pandemic brought about a huge boom in their business.

In as much as a lot of industries suffered in the past year, to the point that a lot had to close down permanently due to huge losses in revenue, there are still industries that managed not only to stay afloat but to even thrive and become bigger in the middle of these trying times. Even people with a very specific niche for their interest, such as gamblers, managed to find an alternative despite traditional betting places being temporarily closed down. More people have gone online looking for top bookies in India: 10CRIC, BetWay, Comeon and other reviews just to keep their hobby going.

However, aside from people finding ways to keep their hobbies, there are several other reasons why several industries thrived despite the challenging times of COVID-19. Here are some of them.

Online betting

The casino industry is one of the types of businesses that were forced to temporarily close down due to restrictions surrounding this pandemic. Being a billion-dollar industry, many people lost a lot of money in just a short period. Some even called it and hung their towels, giving up o bouncing back at all.

Luckily, some found a new door of opportunity in online gambling, Now, online gambling is no longer new. However, it got a huge surge of users and bettors in the past year due to people not having anywhere else to go to when they want to play casino games.

Streaming services

When cinemas have closed down and a lot of TV shows did not offer new content for almost a year due to not being able to shoot anything, streaming services became the best friend of a lot of people.

Netflix, which is already big even before the pandemic, had reported 16 million new users in 2020. Disney who launched their Disney Plus service in 2020, reported at least 50 million subscribers that paid outside of the free trial.


When the panic and confusion set in, people rushed to one place and one place alone: the grocery. People did not go to get the newest line of clothing nor the newest phone–most went to the grocery. You may be able to prove this yourself, as you may have battled through the long lines to the grocery entrance in your area.

Shortage in the supply of several essentials such as hand sanitizers and toilet paper happened, due to people doing panic buying and unnecessarily overstocking on items.


When you cannot go out, where do you shop? Online, of course! Even when thighs started to open up again, many people stuck to online shopping for a few reasons.

One, some still fear going out in crowded places. Two, some people have discovered the convenience of doing it online and chose to stick to doing it anyway.

Work-at-home applications

Just in 2019, Zoom was not a big deal. However, when the pandemic hit and everyone was at home, people had to find a way to meet online, and Zoom and other work solutions were the answer. Suddenly, Zoom earned millions of new users and the demand for other apps surged as well.


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