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5 Hottest SEO Trends to Consider in 2022


As most companies know so far, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) is an essential tool in attracting consumers and improving the visibility of their online platforms. However, modern SEO experienced lots of changes during the last few years due to COVID-19, restrictions, development of new technologies and demand. This is why it is vital for any business to apply the latest trends to ensure your content strategies are effective.

Today’s customers have also changed their habits, needs and requirements, so you need to stay on top of the latest SEO strategies. Following these trends can often feel overwhelming and sometimes even impossible; this guide can help you find what you should consider and in what ways.

Top SEO Trends that Can Transform Your Business in 2022

While Amazon PPC marketing services need to be updated and bidding costs fluctuate, SEO tools are more cost-effective and provide longer-lasting effects. But if you are still using and relying on the same SEO tools and strategies that you used before, it is the best time to change your direction and reap the benefits of this highly digital world. It is also worth noting that most outdated SEO technologies not only will not work but also may even negatively impact how you rank and how your users see your brand.

This makes it obvious that now you have to stay tech-savvy and informed about the latest trends more than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is referred to as one of the trendy technologies in over 10 industries today. Being widely used by SaaS, Tech companies, Amazon brands and Agencies, AI is now changing how people interact with content online and seems to play a great role in SEO strategy.

Experts especially consider Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain, since they believe this has all chances to become one of the most key ranking factors for Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) this year and further. Once Google revealed RankBrain, most businesses started to wonder how it would affect their SEO strategies.

Even though Google has not yet shared any details about the inner working mechanism of this algorithm, experts suggest that outstanding user experience will be one of the key ranking factors. Therefore, click-through rate and the time users spend on a website should be the primary factors to consider that RankBrain will consider when prioritising content. This means AI can boost your user experience and help this algorithm to prioritise your brand over competitors that use previous strategies. 

A Shift to Long-Form Content

If you want to make sure that customers you attract to your website enjoy what you offer, you need to shift to a long-form content strategy. While some brands prefer to write only about 500 words per article on their website, long-form content of 3,000 or sometimes more words has been shown to gain higher traffic and boost shares compared to short-form content. This is why it is highly recommended today to focus on high-quality long-form content that can then significantly improve your search rankings. However, we are not talking about walls of text that are hard to read and understand.

To keep readers engaged, you should hire only highly experienced writers who have already worked in your sphere to cater to users’ needs and properly answer all common questions. They should also divide the text into multiple sub-sections using subheadings, making the content easier to read.

The goal here is to deliver valuable content that supports your SEO growth and user engagement and cover everything that users may have in their mind. You should also check how the text can be read from mobile devices as it will be different from laptops.  

Mobile-Friendliness is Essential

As we mentioned, you should always make sure that your content is as visible and readable on mobile devices as on a laptop. And mobile-friendliness has become an essential point you should consider when creating websites, products and services. This is because most modern people prefer to check websites or purchase something directly from their phones and over 90% of the population have their mobile devices now.

Even though it has long been vital for most businesses, now it is more critical than ever before. This is because Google provided mobile-first indexing in 2019, meaning that today the search engine primarily considers the mobile version of a website when ranking content. Mobile is now the main version instead of the desktop one.

Content Should Fulfil Google’s EAT Principle

Google has recently revealed that the quality of content plays one of the key roles in ranking. However, it is hard to understand sometimes what “quality content:” means, according to Google, as tastes are different. When you wonder what it means, we recommend you to read the EAT principle. EAT refers to expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. Therefore, Google will use these things to determine whether your website provides valuable content or not.  

Video Can Boost Your SEO 

Even though some don’t believe that videos will somehow help with Amazon SEO, the truth is that quality video content is a must-have in today’s effective SEO strategies. However, it could be hard to optimise video content. Luckily, modern marketers are experts in any type of content and know that optimisation descriptions with keywords can play a big role in how it will be ranked. It is also essential to make the description user-friendly, engaging and simple, showing what your channel to video is about and how it will help consumers achieve their goals.

Bottom Line

SEO optimisations are a great way to make sure your brand will succeed in this challenging digital market. It allows users to better engage with content, learn more about your services, get what they want easily and get involved in any of your activities. However, it is vital to choose the right techniques that change every day. And if you are trying to figure out how you can achieve success now – this guide is the best place for you!

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