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5 Healthy Facts about Hemp Flower


The popularity of hemp flower has made massive strides globally over recent years. Most individuals are gradually embracing CBD-rich hemp flower as an alternative to the standard CBD tinctures and oils. Additionally, more scientists have invested in in-depth research regarding hemp flower strains.

Also known as CBD flower, hemp flower is the most natural way to consume CBD. Essentially, these CBD-based hemp strains have low THC concentration, usually up to 0.3%. If you wish to enjoy the relaxing effects of marijuana without getting high, CBD flower is just perfect. Additionally, CBD hemp flowers are free from nicotine; hence you don’t suffer any addiction.

Here are five healthy facts about smoking hemp flowers.

No Psychoactive Effects

As aforementioned, CBD flowers contain very minimal THC levels in comparison to legal marijuana. Typically, CBD buds with less than 0.3% THC concentration don’t lead to excessive intoxication. The delta 8 THC present in hemp flower strains is less potent than marijuana’s delta 9 THC. Thus, you’re sure to relax your mind and become more clear-headed. 

CBD flowers are beneficial for individuals who want to smoke marijuana without feeling the anxiety and paranoia side effects. Additionally, you could go for CBD flowers if you want a recreational weed experience without any intoxication. Delta 8 THC (check out here) has very mild effects and is perfect if you intend to use hemp for medicinal purposes.

Relief from Anxiety and Depression

Stress, anxiety, and depression are among the most dominant mental issues for the current generation. According to research, smoking hemp could come in handy to alleviate such psychological and mental problems.

A recent survey shows that hemp consumers with these psychological problems report improved mental health upon smoking hemp. Cannabinoids present in the hemp plant promote serotonin production, therefore, uplifting your moods. A recent study explains that hemp could increase happiness in both pets and humans.

Usually, most anti-depressants are highly addictive, and failure to use them consistently could lead to a relapse. Additionally, some of these drugs have intense after-effects and could contribute to substance abuse and addiction.

Smoking hemp, on the other hand, comes with minimal or no side effects. Moreover, hemp isn’t addictive and could, therefore, be a perfect alternative for curing depression, anxiety, and continued feelings of sadness.

Hemp is the Quickest Way of Delivering CBD into the Body

Scientific research shows that consuming hemp is the fastest way to absorb CBD into the body system. Essentially, hemp goes through the respiratory system directly to the lungs; hence it quickly gets into the bloodstream. Consequently, the relaxing effects of hemp start kicking in almost instantly after smoking.

On the other hand, CBD tinctures could take up to 45 minutes before you feel the desired effects. Smoking low hemp doses provide more effective results compared to consuming CBD ointments, creams, and edibles. If you experience frequent anxiety or panic attacks smoking hemp is quicker and more effective for calming the mind. Hemp also provides instant relief from pain and depression.

Medicinal Uses

Among the greatest reason hemp is increasingly becoming popular is its potent anti-inflammatory and medicinal uses. Smoking hemp is beneficial for treating a broad range of health problems and disorders.

Consuming hemp is effective for relieving pain. Hemp comprises powerful neuroprotective properties that help treat muscle pain, neuropathic pain, and migraines. Medical research also shows that smoking hemp prevents the risk of cancer, ulcers, and heart diseases.

If you’re battling hypertension, consuming hemp is beneficial for lowering your blood pressure. Additionally, hemp helps to treat acne, owing to its significant anti-inflammatory features.

Helps to Quit Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette and nicotine addiction are among the most dangerous pleasures. Cigarette gradually damages your respiratory system and could eventually lead to lung failure. Severe addiction results in lung cancer and could be fatal.

Cigarette smoking is one of the trickiest habits to break. Quitting comes with intense withdrawal effects, both physical and psychological. 

Smoking CBD-heavy hemp flower is effective for countering nicotine addiction. Lighting a roll of CBD hemp whenever the craving to smoke comes up gradually eliminates tobacco addiction. With CBD hemp, you fight off your addiction while experiencing only mild withdrawal symptoms.

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