5 Foods That Tighten Skin

After plastic surgery or even those who want to look better than they do, people should take care of their skin. Your skin could reflect more than you want others to know; that is why skin tightening foods are the dieticians’ best advice for those who want to look and feel better.

This article is about common foods that you can find everywhere globally and can help your skin regain its lost shine and become tighter. We all know that the overconsumption of any food would do no good; however, this food list gives you a bright insight into what you should look for:


It is one of the best and most nutritious summer fruits available in any part of the world. The sweet taste comes from natural fructose (the fruit sugar) that can keep your blood sugar levels stable for an extended period. Keep in mind that the most significant part of the consumable watermelon is water, which can hydrate your skin and make it look tighter than ever before. 

Watermelon also has some useful vitamins and plant proteins that can replenish the lost skin cells and make you look even better.

2-Green Tea

Another great food that will make your skin look better is green tea. Ancient Chinese people gathered the green tea leaves and boiled them in water to have at least two servings per day. Green tea is rich in flavonoids that are some of the primary substances of keratine creation. Keratine is the most common macro-molecule in your skin. They comprise more than 50% of the skin substance with elastane, and drinking tea can increase their production.


Carrots are the food containing more vitamin D than anything else in the world. Since your skin comprises melanin cells, melanin is part of the Vitamin D biosynthesis pathway. People who prefer to have more carrots in their daily diet can boost their skin and make it look younger and tighter than ever before.

4-Olive Oil

Mediterranean people used to harvest olive trees and extract oil from their olives. Olive oil is the purest of all and can give you the necessary linoleic acid and omega-3 lipid acids essential for the epithelium production on your skin. Olive oil shows a natural absorbance rate by human skin and can moisturize it to the fullest extent. Not to mention that many international studies have shown that people who based their nutrition on olive oil had fewer skin marks and a better look.



Finally, walnuts are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and can give you more than 90% of the daily required quantity. If you like to have healthy skin that looks bright and seems unspotted, a serving of walnuts will be the best gift you can give to yourself. Another use for your skin benefit that walnuts bring is the production of collagen. They induce the overproduction of collagen in your skin tissues. In this way, your skin can look younger, fresher, and tighter compared to the period you never consumed walnuts.


Many people have a lot to say about the food we find in nature and can make our skin look better. Keep in mind that consuming natural and non-processed foods will bring back the lost balance to your skin and epidermis. Scientists from any part of the world concur that healthy skin can give you more confidence and better preparedness to deal with life difficulties. 

This non-exhaustive food list can offer you a piece of advice about what you should eat daily to keep your skin young and tight for as long as you live!