5 Fashion And Beauty Trends You Should Try In 2021

After a stressful year and a lot of time spent indoors, it’s time for a fresh slate and to inject some fun back into your daily fashion and beauty routine. Known to inspire, empower, and define, fashion and beauty are powerful tools that can be used to boost energy and self-esteem – and people have never been more eager for a pick-me-up. 

While loungewear was embraced to the max while working from home, this year, we are keen to put our best beauty and fashion foot forward as our social calendars slowly start to grow with coffee catch-ups, office days, evening drinks, and hanging out with friends. To shed light on what’s to come so you don’t get caught off-guard, here are five fashion and beauty trends that you should try – and are expected to dominate – in 2021. 

  • Bright hues

Bright colors tend to be associated with spring and summer before they get swapped for dark and moody shades such as forest greens, charcoals, burgundy, and blacks as the year progresses. But for all those that want to hold on to summer and color that little bit longer, don’t worry – fall and winter will come with a vibrant twist this year. 

After the hardships of the pandemic, the fashion industry and the public are ready to embrace color and vibrant, jewel tones such as bright emeralds and magentas will reign supreme – brightening up the inevitable shorter and darker days. If you want to be more subtle, invest in a nail polish set to add a pop of color and brighten up your look with bold and beautiful nails instead.

  • 90’s revival

The ’90s have come back in a big way. Granted, 90’s fashion has been enjoying a resurgence over the past several years now – but you can expect the trend to go even further in 2021. From staples such as baguette bags to mesh tops, crop tops, and platform shoes, rock the decade’s looks from head to toe or mix and match with pieces you already have in your wardrobe and use them as accent pieces. Want to dabble in the revival but find trends unsustainable? 

While trends come and go, some pieces remain in style forever. Invest in a pair of Levi’s in a 90’s wash for a classic pair of jeans or chunky trainers or converse that you can wear time and time again and will never go out of fashion. If you aren’t sure how to style 90’s pieces together, gain inspiration from the decade’s style icons such as Friends Rachel Green, supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford, or even Princess Diana. 

  • Matte liquid lipstick

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, many women are looking for makeup with staying power that won’t melt off. Now that face masks are part of the new normal, you might think that lipstick will become irrelevant – but you would be mistaken. During hardship, sales of small but indulgent products such as lipstick have skyrocketed, highlighting its power and resilience. During economic downturns, people are willing to spend a little of their hard-earned money on something that gives them a pick-me-up and makes them feel good, and 2021 is no different. 

Liquid and matte lipstick is making a big comeback in particular. While always a staple, particularly in the fall, matte liquid lipsticks are known for their staying power even when the mask comes on and are transfer-proof – a makeup feature that’s now more important than ever. Use a hydrating lip balm before application to ensure your lips are moisturized and looking plump.

  • Microbiome and probiotic skincare

The beauty industry agrees that from 2021 onwards, less is more when it comes to skincare. Following the trend for acids and over-exfoliation over the past several years, the slow and conscious minimalism of microbiome skincare has continued to gain traction. But what exactly is the skin microbiome? 

Put simply, it is the billions of bacteria that compromise the skin. And while it might not be nice to think of bacteria on your skin, they are essential for its proper functioning – and the more strains you have, the healthier your skin will be. This, alongside the rise of minimal skincare, is why many skincare brands are now taking a more mindful approach to curating skincare routines, focusing on products containing probiotics and prebiotics to balance restore the skin’s delicate microbiome effectively.

  • Beauty tech

With beauty salons having been shut either permanently or on and off thanks to COVID over the past year and a half, many women and men took matters into their own hands to treat their skin and body needs at home instead. Even with the loosening of restrictions, people are still turning to at-home devices to pamper themselves and keep up with their routines – and the industry has noticed. From laser hair removal to LED masks, brands are investing and inventing more time-saving and cost-effective gadgets to replace salon treatments and treat skin and hair in the comfort of your own home.

Wrapping up

With salons and retail stores closed, fashion and beauty routines weren’t immune to the effects of the pandemic. However, it has helped shape the trends for 2021 – from transfer-proof lipsticks, 90’s fun fashion to various beauty gadgets and technologies; these five trends will help you stay ahead.