5 Benefits of Using A Roll Tarp System on a Farm Truck

Truckers haul essential loads and cargo on trailers from one point to another. Some farm truckers load the cargo into the back of semitrailers, and others pull using a flatbed trailer. The disadvantage of using the flatbed trailer is that it leaves the goods at risk of getting damaged. Roll tarps come in handy in covering and protecting the cargo. Setting a tarp every time you load farm goods on the truck is not easy. It is tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, there is a risk of installing the tarp improperly, consequently damaging the goods. Today, many farm truckers prefer the rolling tarp system because of the following benefits.


Much safer


The roll tarp system firmly secures the goods and requires them to be installed only once. The process of covering and uncovering cargo takes less time and requires fewer laborers. This reduces the chances of the trucker getting injured every time he is securing the heavy tarps. To prevent accidents caused by poorly strapped tarps, you should get a rolling tarp system that guarantees safety even when the farm truck is in transit.


Better health for your driver


While younger and stronger truckers may not show signs of ill-health, those aged over fifty are at a higher risk of developing chronic back and neck problems. There is also the risk of developing sciatica and dislocating a disc. Workers suffering from muscle and joints problems may get severe injuries when installing a tarp on the farm truck. To ensure your truckers remain loyal to you and work with you for longer times, it is time you consider their physical well-being. Heavy tarps can cause severe back and neck injuries over time.


Increased revenue and productivity


Farm truck drivers are usually paid by the number of hours they spend on the road. Decreasing time off the road increases your profits. Time is spent taking off the tarp and making sure the sheets are correctly strapped. As the owner, you start paying the driver even before he starts moving. Depending on the final destination distance, you will pay for the breaks he makes. An automatic roll tarp system ensures the cargo reaches its destination faster, and the driver spends less time on the road.


Truckers are allowed to drive for a maximum of eleven hours with a 30-minute break after the eighth hour. If the trucker spends more than one hour installing a tarp on a load of goods, it dramatically reduces their daily earnings. The roll tarp system ensures they get extra hours to add a few dollars to the daily wage.




Standard tarps have a shorter life span due to heavy winds, snow, or scorching heat. The tarps get torn easily, increasing the need to have them changed now and then, which decreases your profits. The replacement process takes a lot of time and is also costly. A farm truck installed with a roll tarp system is both sturdier and costs less to make replacements.


Reduces risks of damaged goods and road carnage


Manual tarps have to be installed and checked every time you load goods. There is a high risk that not everything is installed as it should be. Detached tarps can have the cargo spilling on the road, which not only damages the good, there is also the risk of causing traffic accidents, especially on a busy highway. This is bound to cost the farm a lot of money and profound losses.


Roll tarp system makes securing farm produce fast and easy. While it may cost you a lot during the initial installation, it gives you more value for your money compared to the traditional tarps. Drivers on transit can concentrate on the road, assured that the goods are safe and secure.