5 Benefits of Raising Your Family in a Small Town

Do you live in a larger city and wonder if it’s better to move to a smaller town instead? Maybe you have a family and you’re concerned about high crime rates or city schools. Possibly you’re just tired of all the noise and people.


At the same time, you’re not sure if you’d enjoy living in a smaller town like Morton, Illinois. Let’s take a look at five of the top benefits of raising your family in a small town.


  1. Gain a Sense Of Belonging Inside a Community


Smaller towns are more focused on community than big cities. It’s a big deal when something such as a parade or town event happens. Everyone participates, gathers and visits with one another.


The same thing happens when a bad situation exists. No one seems to care when tragedy happens in a city, do they? It’s an entirely different situation in small towns, where the community rallies and does what’s needed to support the person in need.


You’ll gain a sense of belonging in a small town, as well. If you and your family feel isolated in the city, then consider how you’ll have the opportunity to meet people that you see often when living in a smaller town. Your children will have experiences that they’ll remember for a lifetime.


  1. It’s Quiet & More Peaceful, With Less Crime


Living in a smaller town brings with it a sense of calm. There isn’t constant activity happening 24 hours per day. You’ll notice that the lights go down at night and it feels peaceful.


You can sit outside day or night and enjoy some quiet time. You’ll see the stars at night and soak in the quiet atmosphere. Think about that as you contrast it with the thousands of lights and tall buildings in your city.


Wouldn’t it be nice to live where crime isn’t as pervasive? You have enough to worry about without needing to stress out about whether your children become victims of big city crime.


  1. Less Pollution and Short Commute Times


Have you thought about the amount of pollution that exists in a large city?


Of course, there’s some amount of pollution and environmental concern no matter where you live. However, there are more vehicles driving on the city’s highways every day and more industry that contribute to the pollutants people breathe in every day.


Small towns simply don’t have the same level of activity that leads to high pollution.


One aspect of small town living that contributes to less pollution and even less stress is shorter commute times. Can you imagine leaving those rush hour commutes behind, no longer sitting in traffic for hours?


  1. Less Chances Of Children Going Down The Wrong Path


Everyone gets to know one another in a small town. This means that there are more people looking out for you and your family. It’s more difficult for teenagers, for example, to get in trouble when you compare a small town to the many distractions of the larger city.


You’ll discover that other adults will readily report back to you when they see your kids going down the wrong path or partaking in negative activities. Your children come to understand that they need to behave and stick to your rules and guidelines.


  1. Higher Quality School Experience


Your smaller town will most likely have one school where all the children go. Compared to the several schools that exist in cities, this situation typically results in a better educational experience. You’ll know the teachers and it’s easier for you to keep track of who your kids are hanging out with.


Consider these five benefits and start making plans to move your family to a town where you can enjoy these better living conditions.