5 Benefits of Dry Herb Vaporizer to Improve Your Workout

Vaporization is usually confused with vaping, which is still a controversial topic. Thus, some people believe that vaporization should not be mentioned in the same sentence as a workout. Vaping involves filling vape devices with e-liquids that could contain nicotine and other unique flavors. Meanwhile, vaporization involves lining vaporizers with dry herbs, which can be medical marijuana. Indeed, vaporization can facilitate healthy workout habits immensely. 

Why Vaporizers Are Ideal for Dry Herbs

Although e-cigarettes are vaporizers, not all vaporizers are e-cigarettes. Vaporizers have a chamber ideal for dry herbs. While other e-cigarette models contain liquid vape juice and nicotine, vaporizers contain dry herbs heated at a precise temperature.

Vaporizers have several benefits for workouts. Firstly, they muffle the smell of cannabis or any other dry herb you inhale from them. Thus, your vaporizing won’t bother people around you. 

Even in a healthy environment like the gym, your vaporizer would hardly ever put anyone off. Due to their discreet features, the smell of the dry herbs won’t stick to your clothes or follow you around. Due to the nature of herbs, it is possible to preserve them after harvesting. One of such ways of preserving herbs is to dry them. However, the flavor or taste of herbs may change when dry. 

Cannabis is one of the typical dry herbs that are pleasurable and equally effective even after drying. You can mix cannabis with other healthy dry herbs for a more enjoyable vaping experience. To guide you, here are five ways a dry herb vape can improve your workout routine. 

  • Relaxing the Muscles Before and After Workout

Relaxation is one of the few life hacks for solving bodily and mental stress. In everyday life, good sleep and quality time to relieve stress are vital to healthy living. From time to time, we might need some help getting sleep even when we are tired. Vaporizing dry herbs helps in this regard. Not only will this help you to relax your muscles, but it will also help you sleep soundly. 

Rest is perhaps the best means of recovering from muscle pains after a long day or a tough workout session. The cannabis Indica strain is known for its painkilling and relaxing potentials. Granddaddy Purple and Purple Punch strains have sedating potential, which aids the relaxation of the mind and body. On the other hand, the Northern Lights Indica strain works perfectly to counter insomnia and other difficulties in sleeping. 

For generations, a plethora of healthy herbs has been used to relax muscles and improve sleep. The best part is that these herbs are safe for both young and old. Some cultures brew them into tea, while others use them as cooking ingredients or fragrances. For instance, besides cannabis strains, lavender is a herb with aromatic and sedative potentials to improve your sleeping habits. Yet, the question is: can you vape lavender

  • Relieving Pain Before and After Workout

The truth about workouts is that they can induce pain. Apart from accidents during a workout session, muscle aches after intense training.  The pain could come from tightness in the muscles due to spasms. If the pain persists, the next workout session would be nearly unbearable or at least not enjoyable. 

While some would not hesitate to pop painkillers, there is a better option in dry herb vape. It is an effective pain-relieving option. If you just recovered from an injury and need to hit the gym early, dry herb vaporization helps. Having a brief vaporization session shortly before working out will come in handy. 

Preferably, you could enjoy your dry herb vaporizer right before you head to the gym. Doing this would give the herb some time before its pain-relieving effects kick in. The relief from previous pains would make the new workout session bearable and enjoyable. After your workout session for the day, you should have another session of vaporizing some dry herbs. 

  • Curbing Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are not always malignant, but they will cause anyone to worry. In the United States, two hundred people are diagnosed with muscle spasms (multiple sclerosis) every week. Spasms can spring up at any time. Whether you are working, working out, or sleeping, you are still susceptible to them. 

Spasms can result in a great deal of discomfort during workouts. Although there is medication for spasms, only a few are as effective and equally enjoyable as vaporizing dry herbs. Vaporizing dry herbs like cannabis a few moments before a workout will help reduce the effects of spasms. 

There is a long list of healthy cannabis strains for combating muscle spasms and leg cramps. Some of these cannabis strains include Death Bubba, Gumbo, and Dairy Queen, to name a few. You may need to consult your doctor to find out which medical cannabis strains suit you the most. Muscle spasms can be life-threatening when they lead to severe hydration or heart attack. 

  • Reducing Inflammation 

Inflammation is a natural process in the human anatomy which involves the white blood cell’s attempt to ward off possible harmful invasions. Yet, this process can result in pain, reduced mobility, diabetes, or heart diseases. This causes a high degree of discomfort when working out and can easily discourage you from working out subsequently. 

Consuming dry herbs like cannabis and rosemary helps to curb the effects of acute or chronic inflammation. Start by vaporizing any or a blend of these dry herbs before your workout session. It would help your body to start fighting against inflammation before the workout starts. 

Difficulties in moving your joints, weakness, and pains that could stop you from working out would cease. If you are an athlete, you don’t have to worry about consuming these herbs. Dry herbs like rosemary are healthy substances that do not count as performance-enhancing drugs. However, if you have any doubts, you may consult your physician.

  • Motivation for Workout

Getting out of bed on some days can be a struggle for anyone. The fight to be productive is lost or won in your mind. For this reason, experts recommend daily self-motivation. In reality, this is easier said than done. It is a fact that dry herbs can help to increase focus and motivation. Try vaporizing some unique cannabis strains. Some of the high-energy cannabis strains you could try are Quantum Kush and Golden Goat. You may vaporize these dry herbs at home or near your gym, as the vaporizer quiets the smell.  

Besides cannabis strains, many other herbs are medicinal and legal in virtually every region. Taking these herbs will help you get out of bed with energy and focus on what you need to do. Examples of such herbs are Peppermint and the Rosemary plant. 

These herbs were tested on students, and the results showed an increase in concentration, memory retention, and alertness. If these herbs are effective just by smelling them, how much more vaporizing them? Consuming any of these herbs is enjoyable due to their unique tastes. Also, they don’t smell bad either. 


Vaporizing dry herbs is encouraged in the medical marijuana society. It is a sophisticated way of enjoying the pleasures of dry herbs while improving your workout routine. The mind is more than an organ; it is a powerful force when working out. With motivation, even boring and difficult tasks become less challenging to achieve. Reaching your weight or fitness goals is possible with motivation. The list of beneficial dry herbs is endless. To be on the safe side, you should consult your doctor or fitness director for advice on the best blend of dry herbs.